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hop, skip, and (a) jump

1. A short distance away from a certain location. My apartment's location is so convenient. It's just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the train station and the grocery store.
2. Very similar (to something else). I thought you could handle this project because it's just a hop, skip, and a jump from the one you're working on now.
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skip (out)

Inf. to leave; to run away without doing something, such as paying a bill. The guy skipped when the waitress wasn't looking. Fred skipped out, leaving me with the bill.
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The resident alerted trading standards officers who investigated Mr Place's activities and arranged for the skips to be removed from the Leatherhead property, and the homes of the two other customers who had refused to pay.
| Nearly two-thirds of builders have had to pass skip price increases on to clients, making home improvement projects more expensive for home owners.
Alan Muse, director of built environment at RICS, said: "Skips are a very visible indicator of the health of small and independent construction rms and a good bellwether for the wider economy.
Anyone who spots a full or over-loaded skip in Gateshead should call the council's Highway Enforcement Team on 0191 433 3905.
RESIDENTS in Sandwell doing repairs to their homes are being advised to only use reputable skip hire companies.
Following discussions with the skip traders last year, we now operate a two hour warning policy in any cases where we come across skips in breach of their licensing conditions, for example, without lights, except in cases where there is an immediate risk to public safety.
Now for the science bit: normally this size skip (see picture) leaves site weighing two tonnes, while this one tipped the scales at almost double the weight - and the teams say it takes very little, if any, extra effort to get these results.
Enforcement officers from Wirral Council reported the skip which was placed on the carriage way of Kinglake Road, Egremont, on July 8 2008.
"It's costing us too much to transport out skips back and forwards and we decided that we had to change our business model again to ride with the times," he said.
The most robust empirical finding in word skipping related to the characteristics of the word itself is the effect of word length: readers tend to skip short words more often than long words (e.g.
TWO Liberal Democrat councillors have been accused of attempting to buy votes by providing free council skips for potential supporters.
Power skips--same basic techniques as the high knee skips with the addition of extending the lead leg at the height of the upward lift.
The company offers a comprehensive range of skips for hire at very competitive prices.