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hop, skip, and (a) jump

1. A short distance away from a certain location. My apartment's location is so convenient. It's just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the train station and the grocery store.
2. Very similar (to something else). I thought you could handle this project because it's just a hop, skip, and a jump from the one you're working on now.
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skip (out)

Inf. to leave; to run away without doing something, such as paying a bill. The guy skipped when the waitress wasn't looking. Fred skipped out, leaving me with the bill.


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People lost more weight if they usually ate breakfast and started skipping it or if they usually skipped breakfast and started eating it," says Schlundt.
When the skipped exon contains a disease-causing mutation, the altered protein may restore function and potentially overcome the devastating clinical consequences of the mutation.
The teachers skipped for one minute; Mrs Butler got 112, Miss McKinney got 71, Mrs Southerton got 128 and Mrs Richard got 122.
Skip2bfit founder John McCormack said: "The skipping workshops sessions with each class bring in numeracy as numerical questions are asked after the children have skipped.
Students in pairs skipped for more than three hours for periods of five minutes each, before swapping to keep the skipping relay going.
Hicks skipped the 40-yard dash - he'll do that in personal workouts next month - but Williams ran, and ran well.
According to a new report: "The DVR Dilemma: Managing Consumer Behavior," DVR users who skipped commercials report watching an average of 18 hours of television per week - not significantly more than viewed in non-DVR homes.
The rink skipped by Tony Kempster continues its defence of its triples title at Summerhill on Friday.
And despite the fact that I had not skipped since I was in the playground at school I thought it is one of those skills, rather like riding a bike, which stays with you forever.
Wilton has used the mdx mouse model of muscular dystrophy to show that the early stop signal in exon 23 can be efficiently skipped in the modified mRNA so that significant amounts of dystrophin are produced and correctly localized.
The triple skipped by Tony Kempster, last season's champions and national semi-finalists, have a derby at Gosforth Garden Village against John Devlin's triple.
The Beat That My Heart Skipped," released by the Wellspring division of Genius Products, Inc.