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hop, skip, and (a) jump

1. A short distance away from a certain location. My apartment's location is so convenient. It's just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the train station and the grocery store.
2. Very similar (to something else). I thought you could handle this project because it's just a hop, skip, and a jump from the one you're working on now.
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skip (out)

Inf. to leave; to run away without doing something, such as paying a bill. The guy skipped when the waitress wasn't looking. Fred skipped out, leaving me with the bill.
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During the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) summit in Peru on November 2016, Duterte skipped the gala dinner and was also a no-show at the traditional family photo of the 21 Pacific Rim leaders.
The President also skipped the meeting of regional leaders with the United States and India on the last day of the Asean in Vientiane in September 2016.
Word n + 2 will then win the competition of becoming the target for the next saccade and word n + 1 will be skipped. As a consequence, SWIFT allows a word to be skipped even when the level of lexical processing of word n + 1 has not yet reached the amount assumed by the E-Z Reader model (e.g.
Since word skipping depends on word recognition, this slowdown in the word recognition process leads to a smaller chance that the word will be skipped. Basically the same principle features in the SWIFT model.
showed that the predictable word was skipped more often than the neutral word, replicating the findings by Balota et al.
Given that the pronoun did not offer any extra information in terms of the correct antecedent of the pronoun in sentence (la), it was skipped more often than in sentence (1b), where the pronoun was informative.
"People lost more weight if they usually ate breakfast and started skipping it or if they usually skipped breakfast and started eating it," says Schlundt.
KEEP SKIPPING: The children skipped to collect money for charity
Skip2bfit founder John McCormack said: "The skipping workshops sessions with each class bring in numeracy as numerical questions are asked after the children have skipped."
The rink skipped by Tony Kempster continues its defence of its triples title at Summerhill on Friday.
n over you go Abigail Shaw (left) and Kerry Morgan swing the skipping rope CHILDREN at a Deighton school skipped class to raise money for charity.
Groups of children skipped for 20 minutes each throughout the day.
The triple skipped by Tony Kempster, last season's champions and national semi-finalists, have a derby at Gosforth Garden Village against John Devlin's triple.
And despite the fact that I had not skipped since I was in the playground at school I thought it is one of those skills, rather like riding a bike, which stays with you forever.
"We were racing each other while we skipped. I was the winner."