skip out with

skip out with (someone or something)

1. To depart with someone (from some place), especially in a hasty or surreptitious manner. I should have been working on the essay, but I decided to skip out with my friends for some pizza. A: "Where's Dan? He's supposed to have office hours now." B: "I think he skipped out with the other lecturers for a drink."
2. To leave some place or depart from some organization having stolen or improperly obtained something. The CEO pleaded with his judge not to punish him for the actions of his former partner, who had skipped out with nearly $4.5 million of the company's money. I skipped out with a pair of earrings while my boyfriend kept the sales clerk busy.
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skip out with something

Fig. to leave and take something with one; to steal something. The hotel guest skipped out with the towels. someone skipped out with the petty cash box. skip over someone or something not to choose someone or something next in line. she skipped over me and chose the next one in line. I skipped over the red ones and took a blue one.
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