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skinny as a beanpole

very thin; very skinny. (*Also: as ~.) I exercised and dieted until I was skinny as a beanpole.
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to swim naked. The boys were skinny-dipping in the creek when Bob's mother drove up.

(hot) skinny

n. inside information. I’ve got the hot skinny on Mary and her boyfriend.
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Depending upon the amount of ink you use, it does appear you could save enough cash to justify switching to a skinnier font, such as Calibri Light.
Karisma has apparently become skinnier to compete with the new breed of fit actresses.
At one point doctors thought I was retaining up to 3kg of water and that was my body's way of telling me it wasn't prepared to get any skinnier.
He claimed the solution to his problem was to be skinnier and taller.
As the animal evolved over millennia, its eyeballs grew larger and its snout grew skinnier so that its view wasn't blocked.
The squad's getting skinnier and skinnier," he said.
According to the company, there are thinner fiber scopes available in the market but those products provide rougher images comparing to video scopes, so medical workers have been demanding skinnier video scopes.
Lauren *, an honor-roll student from a loving family, battled her weight all through middle school--and it only got worse in high school: "I was so depressed about my body because, every time I was in the hallways, there was always a girl who was skinnier or prettier.
I had to get skinnier and skinnier to resemble Braddock's silhouette,'' said Crowe, accompanied on the red carpet by wife Danielle Spencer.
pipe along the front of the flute for skinnier tools.
Obese Japanese became fatter and skinny Japanese even skinnier than in 2000, making it difficult for the health ministry to achieve its goal of making the population healthier by 2010, a preliminary ministry report said Tuesday.
Eight of the skinnier cans, containing Molson Canadian, Dry or the company's new low-carb Ultra brand, are priced the same as a six-pack of standard 355-ml cans.
Two waifs skinnier than Kate Moss that trade vocal volleys amidst a barrage of orchestrated noise front this Seattle, Washington group.
Pasta sales are booming, and Japanese are slurping up skinnier spaghetti.