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have (got) a skinful

slang To get drunk. Do you remember last night at the bar at all? You really had a skinful!
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slang Enough alcohol to make someone drunk. While my dad still enjoys beer and wine, he never drinks a skinful, saying he doesn't wanted be drunk ever again. I think Tom's had more than a skinful—he's positively ossified!
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have a skinful

tv. [for someone] to contain too much alcohol; to be alcohol intoxicated. (see also skinful. Have got can replace have.) Pete had a skinful and just sat there quietly.
See also: have, skinful


n. an intoxicating quantity of liquor; enough liquor. (see also have a skinful.) She knows enough to stop drinking before she gets a skinful.
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Walshaw had earlier been drinking cider with Mr Secker at his home in Mountain Crescent, Thornhill, and when they were joined by a third man he described them both as "having had a skinful."
A skinful of booze, a mid-life crisis and shyness are a few of the issues that could scupper the first dates this evening.
In a masterpiece of planning, we chose a York races day, leaving us jostling for space in the three-coach train with ladies in their finery and suited and booted lads ready for a skinful and a flutter (in that order).
AS your belly bulges after a skinful of pints over the weekend, there is nothing better than laughing at people less fortunate than you.
Stop promoting the attitude that they are students, now a special section of society, who are expected and allowed the right to be a drunken idiot, wake families up at all hours, lose the ability to have a conversation without screaming at one another and cause property damage on their way home from getting a good skinful, because that is what a student does.
"Nobody with half decent credentials would even take half a glance at us - even after a skinful."
He said: "I saw an old pal of mine in Glasgow recently and he'd had quite a skinful.
"Abe?" "Who is that?" Abe Beynon usually had a skinful on a Saturday night and his voice was thick and accusatory, as if a wife might have actually dared to intrude on his Saturday night privilege.
Friday Why is it sometimes you have a skinful and feel fine the next day and on other occasions have four glasses of wine over the course of the evening only to wake up at 3am with the sweaty palpitations unable to get back to sleep?
Andrew Waters, prosecuting, said Lawton had become abusive to the officers after having a "skinful" before the near miss at around 12.50am on January 21.
The 27-year-old, who had drunk "a skinful" the previous night, drove off with his other two young children before realising his mistake.
Of course, if you were ever sitting in A&E and basing your behaviour on what you know from a fictional TV drama, then you would either be in need of the help of the psychiatry department, or else you would be the proud possessor of a skinful of beer.
Surely the League Cup would be improved if all the players were required to consume a skinful before the match.
I am not the kind of bloke that goes up to the game and has a skinful of beer and wants to cause trouble.
There was the skinful I had drunk after arrival the night before and was now paying for a second time.