skin me

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1. noun, slang One's life; one's survival or self-preservation. Thanks for bringing me some extra cash—you really saved my skin, there!
2. noun, slang A cigarette paper. Do you have any spare skins? I forgot to pick up some at the gas station.
3. noun, slang Nude flesh, especially the breasts or thighs. Come on, toots, lift up your skirt and show us some skin!
4. noun, informal In video games, an alternate appearance for a character within the game. The game is free, so the developers make their money by selling various skins for a few dollars a pop.
5. adjective, slang Of, depicting, or related to nudity or pornography. They sell skin magazine that are kept on a rack hidden behind black paper. The movie theater used to show skin flicks and exploitation films back in the '70s.
6. verb, dated slang To cheat or swindle (someone). The con man skinned them for nearly $10,000.

skin me

slang To slap hands with one in an amicable fashion; to give one five. Hey man, what's up? Skin me!
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Skin me!

exclam. Give me some skin!; Shake my hand! (Originally black.) Hey, old buddy. Don’t walk on! Skin me!
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One major thing that determines the kind of skin care products one should use is the type of skin one has.
Use a mild soap or cleanser to wash the skin one to two times a day.
"If you're standing on the equator at high noon, it would usually take your skin one minute without sunscreen to become red and irritated.
FSunkissed skin One of the easiest ways to cheat a youthful look is to draw on freckles.
Without a skin one cannot survive, as is evident in burn victims, those with severe blistering disorder of the skin, and those with extensive skin disease who are vulnerable to skin failure.
Rugby's perceived wisdom has been that the Wallabies don't like it up 'em and that the best way to skin one is to first club it over the head.
But when I put it over my make-up all my fine lines were invisible.' nivea Daily essentials express hydration primer, PS4.99 'Available for different skin types, I used the Normal/ Combination skin one but there's a version for dry and sensitive skin.
Prior to intensive exposure to UV radiation, a pre-sun product, which is the first part of the kit, is applied to the skin one to several times a day for 2-7 days.
PDT works by using laser or light energy - in this case a pulsed dye laser was used - to activate the ALA, which is a solution that penetrates into the oil glands and is applied to the skin one hour prior to treatment.
A black felt marker will take out the bare metal shine after you skin one, but there more than likely won't be any dents or broken sight leafs or other fuss involved.
One of the most enduringly popular is the Hermes Birkin - pounds 25,000 for the crocodile skin one.
It contains various pieces of transparent plastic of different colours which are placed over your skin one at a time.
As a result, patients with diabetes have to inject themselves under the skin one to three times a day.
My bra straps were digging into my skin one morning, so I cut them off.