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skimp and save

To reduce or limit one's spending in order to save money. I'd love to go out to dinner with you, but I'm really skimping and saving right now. I'm sorry, honey, but your father and I can't afford to buy you a new bike right now—you'll have to work more hours and skimp and save.
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scrimp and save

To spend as little money as possible; to be especially frugal, especially with the aim of saving up for something bigger. Ever since we had our second child, we've had to scrimp and save to make sure they both get what they want for Christmas.
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skimp on (something)

To choose to consume or spend on something very sparingly or frugally as a way of conserving one's money or resources. I got so used to skimping on food when I was broke so that I could afford my rent. Now that I have a decent salary, it's hard not to have the same mentality. We cut corners where we had to so that we could afford the wedding we wanted, but we made sure not to skimp on a good photographer!
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scrimp and save

 and pinch and scrape
to be very thrifty; to live on very little money, often in order to save up for something. We had to scrimp and save in order to send the children to college. The Smiths pinched and scraped all year in order to go on a Caribbean cruise.
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skimp on something

to use too little of something; to save something by using less of it than needed for something. Please don't skimp on the gravy. i like my potatoes swimming in it. They skimped on quality a little when they furnished the lobby.
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scrimp and save

Economize severely, spend as little as possible, as in For years we had to scrimp and save, but now we can enjoy life more. [Mid-1800s]
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skimp on

To fail to provide for or supply something appropriately; be stingy with something: That pizzeria always skimps on the pepperoni.
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In a display of sympathy for the working press, AAI had skimped on lunch, providing only a meager tray of cold cuts and a basket of chips.
Like the rest of the models in the Japanese company's ranks, Mazda have not skimped on equipment.
These representatives, in turn, made the business of Albany's government business, skimped on provision for the poor and rejected petitions that would have had them enforce moral order through prohibitionist or sabbatarian restrictions.
That offset persistent weakness in the US as shoppers skimped on purchases of soft drinks.
THERE might be acred it crunchon, but ITV1 haven't skimped on the big names for this all-singing spectacular.
The area of preemployment checks should not be skimped. Often companies do not undertake checks when someone moves from a temporary position to a permanent one.'
Mechanics failed to spot errors such as split wiper blades and nails in tyres and skimped on essential brake checks.
The study for Which?magazine also discovered mechanics who skimped on essentials such as checking brakes, or carried out unnecessary work.
And he denied at the fatal accident inquiry into the deaths of 21 people that cleaning was skimped by staff working "flat-out".