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skim the surface (of something)

To do, engage with, or understand something to only a minimal or superficial degree. I know you feel like you know everything about philosophy now, but this introductory course only skims the surface. Jack never felt satisfied devoting his time and attention to one thing, so instead he's skimmed the surface of a number of hobbies and interests.
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skim over something

1. Lit. to glide across something. The sailboat skimmed over the waves like a bird. The bird skimmed over the treetops, darting and dodging.
2. Fig. to go over or review something hastily. I just skimmed over the material and still got an A on the test! Please skim over chapter four for Thursday.
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skim something off (of) something

 and skim something off 
1. Lit. to scoop something off the surface of something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) The cook skimmed the fat off the stew. The cook skimmed off the fat.
2. Fig. to remove a portion of something of value, such as money, from an account. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) The auditor was skimming a few dollars a day off the bank's cash flow. Kelly skimmed off a few dollars each day.
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skim through something

to go through something hastily; to read through something hastily. She skimmed through the catalogs, looking for a nice gift for Gary. I will skim through your manuscript and see whether it looks promising.
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skim off

1. To remove some floating matter from a liquid: They use a net to skim the cranberries off the surface. They skim off the dross before pouring the metal into molds.
2. To appropriate some money illegally or dishonestly: The dictator skimmed off over $1 million from international donations and deposited it in personal bank accounts. The company was skimming money off its employees' paychecks and using it to cover losses.
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skim over

To read or consider something superficially and quickly: I skimmed over the reading assignment because I didn't have time to read it carefully.
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skim through

To go through some reading material quickly or superficially: I skimmed through the movie listings to see what was playing.
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In May 15, two Bulgarians were arrested by PNP in Central Luzon while trying to install ATM skimming devices on personal identification number entry pads of a bank inside a mall in Pampanga province.
Altering the card orientation has crippling consequences for skimming devices.
22, 2011, were found in a garage shared by Damyanov and Kostov, along with tools and double-sided tape used to attach the skimming devices.
Postma noted that skimming attacks are rarely reported by financial institutions, adding to skimming's appeal among fraudsters.
The skimming device, which reads account information on an ATM debit card, was found in July at one of three WaMu branches along Ventura Boulevard, Kishner said.
There's a difference between skimming and furiously lobbing stones into water.
The State Department's response is that the passport holders will have a shielding mechanism, like a foil case or something woven into the case, and someone skimming at a border station would be fairly noticeable.
Police say there has been an increase in reports of skimming in the past week.
PHYSICISTS have calculated the perfect formula for skimming stones.
Skimming won the Grade 1 Pacific Classic at Del Mar for the second year running, while Aptitude won the Grade 2 Saratoga Breeders' Cup Handicap at the New York track.
Westfalia Separator have extended their range of MSE skimming separators to include a high capacity machine for use in large dairies.
Studies show that careful skimming greatly improves carbide surface quality.
Following are the specific issues addressed: alloy, melt cover used, how much, how often replaced, furnace size, furnace type, charging practice, skimming practice, results and gas control.
Solomon, assigned to the department's Criminal Investigation Division, has in-depth knowledge on this subject and has provided numerous lectures on ATM skimming and identity theft crimes to law enforcement and the private sector.