skim over

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skim over (something)

1. Literally, to glide or skip over or across the very top of some surface or thing. The stone skimmed over the surface of the pond. The ball skimmed over the catcher's mitt, allowing the batter to get to first base.
2. To read, review, or present something quickly or superficially, typically by only reading or covering certain parts of it. I only had time to skim over your report, but I like what I've seen so far. He skimmed over the problems the project had faced, focusing instead on the progress they had made.
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skim over something

1. Lit. to glide across something. The sailboat skimmed over the waves like a bird. The bird skimmed over the treetops, darting and dodging.
2. Fig. to go over or review something hastily. I just skimmed over the material and still got an A on the test! Please skim over chapter four for Thursday.
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skim over

To read or consider something superficially and quickly: I skimmed over the reading assignment because I didn't have time to read it carefully.
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