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praise (someone or something) to the skies

To heap lavish or excessive amounts of praise on someone or something. All the film critics have been praising her performance to the skies, but I thought it was a bit wooden, to be honest. Your previous boss praised you to the skies in his letter of recommendation, so we have high hopes for you here.
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to the skies

To the highest degree; excessively. Typically used in the phrase "praise (someone or something) to the skies." All the film critics have been praising her performance to the skies, but I thought it was a bit wooden, to be honest. Your previous boss praised you to the skies in his letter of recommendation, so we have high hopes for you here.
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praise someone or something to the skies

Fig. to give someone or something much praise. He wasn't very good, but his friends praised him to the skies. They liked your pie. Everyone praised it to the skies.
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praise to the skies

Commend lavishly or excessively, as in The critics praised the new soprano to the skies. This expression, alluding to lofty praise, was in the 1600s put as extol to the skies but acquired its present form in the early 1800s. Also see sing one's praises.
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to the skies

very highly; enthusiastically.
1989 Gay Daly Pre-Raphaelites in Love Gabriel wrote to his little sister praising Lizzie to the skies.
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praise somebody/something to the ˈskies

praise somebody/something very much; say somebody/something is very good, beautiful, etc: She’s always praising you to the skies: she says she’s never had such a good assistant before. OPPOSITE: not have a good word to say for/about somebody/something
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The battle over Clear Skies has shaped up as a classic Washington tale of a creditable endeavor hopelessly mismanaged by its sponsor, demagogued by its opponents, and tainted from the start by the administration's well-earned reputation as handmaidens of industry.
Scott Sprague, Senior Vice President, Global Sales at New Skies Satellites, said "New Skies was pleased to support the Red Cross in its anti-malaria campaign by donating satellite capacity on NSS-7.
Romain Bausch, President and CEO of SES GLOBAL, stated: "New Skies is poised to become SES' third satellite infrastructure pillar, alongside ASTRA in Europe and AMERICOM in North America and complementing SES' existing participations in Asia and Latin America.
New Skies expects to make an initial distribution of the sale proceeds to its current shareholders within two weeks after the closing of the transaction.
New Skies provided a similar service using the NSS-6 and NSS-7 satellites for the Chinese Grand Prix from September 24 - 26, 2004, supporting the Formula One race from Shanghai.
In February 2004, Telenor and New Skies announced a 10-year agreement for capacity throughout the Pacific Ocean with access to Internet, voice and data communications.
In addition to UNITEL, New Skies has agreements with Hong-Kong's REACH, Singapore-based ST Teleport, the United Kingdom's Kingston inmedia and Satlink in Israel, as well as mediaport partners in the United States for international gateway services to the Pacific Ocean region.
events, New Skies will supplement this existing service with additional fiber links between the EBU's Washington bureau and New Skies' mediaport for seamless connectivity to the EBU users' earth stations throughout Europe.
Dan Goldberg, chief executive officer of New Skies, said: "I am very pleased with the execution and completion of the share repurchase program, an initiative that underscores our confidence in the strength of our business and our prospects going forward.
Jean-Pierre Kabanda, New Skies' director of sales for Africa, said: "Since its inception, New Skies has consistently demonstrated its commitment to Africa and to the region's development, designing NSS-7 to be one of the most powerful satellites serving the continent.
998 percent, bolstered by Robert's extensive knowledge of this market segment, places New Skies in a strong position to benefit from this growth.
New Skies will seek authorization at its upcoming Annual General Meeting of Shareholders to cancel the treasury shares.
By deploying its newest, largest, and most powerful satellite to an established orbital location in the Indian Ocean region, New Skies will ensure it can continue to meet the current and future needs of its many customers throughout India, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa as well as capitalize on the region's strong projected growth.
Vyse must assemble a crew of up to 22 for his flying pirate ship and scour the skies of Arcadia on his quest to save the world .
Through its prime location in Singapore, premium turnaround services and excellent connectivity to terrestrial network infrastructures and Internet exchanges, ST Teleport will allow New Skies to offer seamless video, Internet and data transmissions between Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa and Europe via the NSS-703 and NSS-6 satellites.