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The researcher studied the efficiency of Backmund method for evaluation of forest road networks with regard to capabilities of wheeled skidders in ground skidding method and results showed that in order to evaluate the forest road networks from technical point of view with regard to capabilities of wheeled skidders in wood extraction, Backmund method is not precise enough to be the best variant and the limitations of ground skidding should be considered to use this method [15].
The researcher studied the forest road planning considering road and skidding costs and the study used continuous time studies based on empirical data for this logging method.
Previous research efforts have attempted to understand ground skidding and its association with a number of harvested stand attributes.
(2000) investigated the effects of ground skidding trees felled during group selection harvests on logging productivity.
Used in either a laboratory or at the test site, it gives direct numerical values for the friction between a skidding tire and wet road surface.
Four areas were selected from the Ouachita and Ozark Mountains in Arkansas to demonstrate the effects of landing placement on skidding distance.
When two or three LZs are used on a tract to reduce skidding distance, the positions of the LZs should be such that the sum of the skidding distances is minimized.
Instructor Paul Scott said skidding was something no one should take lightly.