skid across

skid across (something)

1. To slide, slip, or skim along the surface of something. I fell while I was wakeboarding and skidded 30 feet across the water. A huge truck smashed into the car and sent it skidding across the interstate.
2. To cause someone or something to slide, slip, or skim along the surface of something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "skid" and "across." The shuffleboard player skidded the disk across the court in an attempt to knock his opponent's disk out of the scoring area. The mechanical bull flung me off and skidded me across the barroom floor.
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skid across something

to slip or glide across something, such as ice or wet pavement. The car skidded across the pavement and crashed into a tree. Our bus skidded across the icy bridge and ran into a ditch on the other side.
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At this the vexed passenger's annoyance turns to hostility and asking him to bring the manager of operations he shoves the arrival in charge hard, causing him to skid across the airport floor and stumble.
He admitted driving "at excessive speed", losing control of his car, causing it to skid across the carriageway and collide with a house.
Following the investigation, police said a Polish bus ran into a Ukrainian bus, making it skid across and hit another Polish minibus traveling in the opposite direction, Deutsche Welle reported.
A woman passenger desperately grabbed the handbrake causing the car to skid across the carriageway, strike the central barrier and overturn.
Bolton were grateful to see a dangerous left-wing cross from Paul McLaren skid across the six-yard box without getting a touch as the home side looked to make an early second half reply.
Another move saw the ball skid across the Chinese goal mouth but it was ruled offside before striker Ciaran Bradley could capitalise.
A Durham Police spokeswoman said: "For reasons unknown the male rider lost control, causing the bike to skid across the carriageway narrowly missing an oncoming vehicle."
In this optic, the blurry piano in Impression III begins to skid across its yellow ground, taking flight into other dimensions.
Lee John saw one cross skid across the face of the goal but the Bluebirds held firm for a crucial win.
Instinctively, I bailed and narrowly averted the tree as I did a full body skid across the ground.
Witnesses spoke of seeing the red Ford Fiesta veer off the A259 coast at Brighton Marina, skid across a grass verge, crash through railings and over the edge of the cliff.
I'll speed past your fancy fourwheel drives with your satellite navigation systems as you skid across the icy roads.
Or skid across the garden on the Slip N Ride, pounds 39.99.