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1. adjective Haphazard; chaotic. The campaign has been utterly helter-skelter. They don't even have an official spokesperson, so a lot of contradictory statements have been given by the staff. With such young children, I expected a helter-skelter environment, but the classroom was so orderly.
2. adverb Haphazardly; in a chaotic fashion. You can't just throw in ingredients helter-skelter when you're baking. Everything needs to be measured and added at the right time.
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Council If the proposals go ahead, Northumberland Street will house 62 stalls, a Christmas-themed children's fairground ride, a helter skelter and bar.
The project, called Seeing It Differently, was brought to a close on Sunday when a bishop delivered a sermon from the helter skelter and then slid down it.
When Bishop Herbert started building a new cathedral in the English city of Norwich in 1096, it was unlikely he ever envisaged it would play host to a 50-foot helter skelter. But that is exactly what the cathedral in eastern England will be housing for 10 days this month, giving visitors a rare chance to get close-up views of its medieval roof, a fun experience and -- those behind the idea hope -- a chance to think differently about the building and life.
Helter Skelter is North Cheshire CAMRA's most awarded pub having won this title seven times since the award was launched 30 years ago.
The helix helter skelter is the brainchild of Climbzone director Neil Mackay, who was inspired by a slide exhibition, at the Tate Modern Art Gallery, in London.
Alex Coates ENTERTAINMENT: What's this giant helter skelter doing in Newcastle?
His followers committed the now-infamous "( Helter Skelter " murders in 1969.
Rides have included a traditional Ferris wheel, carousel, bumper boats, helter skelter, water zorb balls and a plane chair swing as well as face painting, a gift shop, games and a pirate party.
The museum has Pokestops including the coalmine helter skelter, Workers' Institute and Canal Street bridge.
The Empire's Tangerine Club has previously hosted other unusual events such as a Christmas-themed night featuring an indoor ice rink, 25ft tree hanging from the roof, and snow machines, as well as installing a helter skelter inside the club.
Called Pevensey's Travelling Fairground, the 'fair' included a helter skelter and other rides, and had been set up especially for the cameras.
Stay tuned for a bit of insider knowledge for how to beat the Mighty Striker, as Joby Carter lets us in on the secrets, while cameras follow Henry Danter as he takes on the challenge of building the first Helter Skelter constructed in this country for 45 years.
"Helter Skelter" is a collection of horror short stories set in Southern California by Bryan Cassiday.
Children who attend in fancy dress at 2pm will also be given money-off vouchers for the Helter Skelter in Church Street and trampolines in Clayton Square.