a skeleton crew/staff/service

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skeleton crew

The bare minimum amount of employees necessary to keep an office, business, service, etc., running at a basic level. We can't have a restaurant that is completely closed during the slow season, so we keep a skeleton crew on board to serve the few customers who decide to come in. The rigs will have a skeleton crew keeping them running until the company finishes handing over its business to the new owners.
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a skeleton ˈcrew/ˈstaff/ˈservice

the minimum number of staff necessary to run an organization or service: At weekends we have a skeleton staff to deal with emergencies.
See also: crew, service, skeleton, staff
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As 472 voted against, 543 didn't vote and 291 are not in the union, only 34 per cent of the workforce opted to walk out, so perhaps their minds were concentrated by word of a management plan to keep more than a skeleton service running.
Residents warn drastic proposals to provide only a skeleton service will harm the local economy, affect employment opportunities, threaten fragile rural areas and lead to depopulation.
At present, SWR plans a skeleton service mixing some trains with rail-replacement buses for the five days on the route between the two stations from mid-morning until late evening to try and accommodate the influx of racegoers heading for the royal With the strong likelihood of long delays and disruption, the ongoing dispute will inevitably cause problems for racegoers expecting to travel from Waterloo or Reading.
A skeleton service is implemented from Newcastle diverting trains through Hartlepool and through to Northallerton causing an 80-minute delay.
Mr Batley said: "When I started there was no public transport on Boxing Day and it wasn't until about five years later that the bus companies started to run a skeleton service. I can get about 140 passengers during the course of the day and I get regular customers who use the bus every year." He said timetables would be posted at Holmfirth bus station and bus shelters in the coming days and would also be available at Holmfirth tourist information office.
By 2020 just a fraction of the RBS IT function will remain, leaving this organisation operating a skeleton service with the customers and remaining staff paying the price.
He said the IT cull would leave the bank "operating as a skeleton service, with the customers and remaining staff paying the price".
"Staff are continuing to strive for a skeleton service on Sunday and we therefore ask that those residents with a black bin collection planned for this day place their bins out as normal.
Efforts continue to be made to seek additional funding through monitoring rounds but TNI are only able to deliver a skeleton service currently.
She said it hoped a resolution can be achieved but has run a skeleton service on strike days.
If they continue we shall have a just a skeleton service of a police force.
Other public services including courts and job centres will only oer a skeleton service, while some carers are also set to strike on the co-ordinated day of action on ursday.
Staff from the two main rail unions began the first of two planned 48-hour "tube'' strikes late on Tuesday, reducing the city's vital Underground network used by three million people daily to a skeleton service.
"All we have is a fringe service in the outer suburbs with virtually the whole of central London dependent on a skeleton service. Over 70 percent of the normal service is at a standstill,'' Cortes said in a statement.
Unity is strength." TSSA general secretary Manuel Cortes said: "All we have is a fringe service in the outer suburbs with virtually the whole of central London dependent on a skeleton service. Over 70% of the normal service is at a standstill." Cab firm Addision Lee said at morning rush hour yesterday they were receiving around 350% more calls than usual - comparable to the busiest days of the Christmas party season.