skating on thin ice

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skating on thin ice

Engaged in some activity or behavior that is very risky, dangerous, or likely to cause a lot of trouble. I hope you realize that you'll be skating on thin ice if you decide to gamble your employees' retirement funds on such a dodgy investment. Honestly, I wouldn't even mention the new woman in work, or you could find yourself skating on thin ice with your wife.
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skate on thin ice

Fig. to be in a risky situation. (Fig. on the image of someone taking the risk of ice skating on thin ice.) I try to stay well informed so I don't end up skating on thin ice when the teacher asks me a question. You are skating on thin ice when you ask me that!
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on thin ice, to be/skate

A hazardous course of action or conversation. “In skating over thin ice our safety is in our speed,” wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson in his essay Prudence (1841). Literally, it is possible to skate over very thin ice without breaking through if one glides quickly enough, but Emerson was already using the expression figuratively.
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O'Grady added: "The government is skating on thin ice by relying on household debt to drive growth.
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Now that Anthea is losing her weekly distraction, we can only hope that Mr Bovey is prepared for a return to a life where he's the only partner skating on thin ice.
"We'll be skating on thin ice," Shaun told me, a line he inexplicably believed became funnier each time, because he would also use it on the city manager, our graphic artist and the oval's lead skate guard.
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Nothing can beat watching Heather skating on thin ice (once again) with the possibility of making a fool of herself in public (once again).
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Here they give Sunday Mirror readers their verdicts on which celebrities are hot to watch - and who is skating on thin ice.
I'VE been skating on thin ice for years, or so my colleagues tell me!
Dean Timmins, 21, also praised the rink, despite saying it was a case of skating on thin ice at the moment.
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