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all sizzle and no steak

Disappointing or anticlimactic. Having an exciting, promising, important, or aggrandizing buildup that proves to be unwarranted. Everyone is in a panic over the supposed water shortages, but personally I think the whole thing is all sizzle and no steak. The film had a lot of hype before its release, but after seeing it, I think it's all sizzle and no steak.
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sizzle a wild card word for words beginning with

S , such as suck, smoke, sister. (Streets. Also for other words with initial S.) Come on, sizzle, time to go.
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. (see also fried.) I’d like to go out tonight and get sizzled—maybe that would help me forget Tiffany. Harold got himself sizzled and couldn’t drive to the dance.
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HE'S SIZZLING BECAUSE the band's new album You Could Have It So Much Better proves their debut wasn't a one-off.
Ridden then by Ryan Moore, Sizzling stayed on dourly up the hill to snatch second spot close home.
Sizzling Pub Company is a national chain and we are extremely pleased to have them on board as one of our official club partners.
It was served on a sizzling skillet with garlic mashed potatoes, mushroom cream sauce, sauteed onions and mushrooms.
The sizzling weather will continue sweeping Bulgaria in July and will reach its peak in August, turning it into the hottest month of this year's summer.
While Kareena undoubtedly did full justice to the red sari, bringing together all the ingredients of sexy, sensuous and sizzling hot, the others weren't too bad in their red hot avatars on screen.
Dunkin' Donuts, a coffee and baked goods restaurant chain, announced on Wednesday the signing of a multi-unit store development agreement with a newly formed subsidiary of Sizzling Platter LLC, Sizzling Donuts LLC, for 11 new restaurants in Denver, Colorado and eight new restaurants in El Paso, Texas.
Demand for food at its traditionally drink-led pubs was boosted by the roll out of its Flaming Grill concept, which offers dishes such as firecracker fajitas, flaming skillets and sweet chilli salmon on sizzling onions, to 68 pubs by the end of its first quarter.
The third instalment of the titanic Transformers franchise proved to be sizzling hot.
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The Sizzling team completed the ride in only three days, passing through Renfrewshire, Pollock Park, Falkirk and Edinburgh on their way and managed to raise pounds 75,000 in the process.
The poll, conducted by Sizzling Pub Company, asked locals in Newcastle to rank the eight curries on the Sizzling Curry Night menu in order of spiciness, yet only seven per cent managed to list all of the dishes correctly.
Sifting through the neatly laid out designer dress rack, it was decided that the sporty Serbian champion would nail a sizzling look in white Pringle knitwear, an orange Ralph Lauren halterneck dress and a blue Donna Karen mini dress.
Coleen Rooney looks more sizzled than sizzling after frying up in the intense heat of the Caribbean sun yesterday.
But the sizzling continued and sparks were spurting out of the cable that connected to the electric meter.