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all sizzle and no steak

Disappointing or anticlimactic. Having an exciting, promising, important, or aggrandizing buildup that proves to be unwarranted. Everyone is in a panic over the supposed water shortages, but personally I think the whole thing is all sizzle and no steak. The film had a lot of hype before its release, but after seeing it, I think it's all sizzle and no steak.
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sizzle a wild card word for words beginning with

S , such as suck, smoke, sister. (Streets. Also for other words with initial S.) Come on, sizzle, time to go.
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. (see also fried.) I’d like to go out tonight and get sizzled—maybe that would help me forget Tiffany. Harold got himself sizzled and couldn’t drive to the dance.
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For the first time ABP will host a combined US tour and an International IP Sizzles.
IP Sizzles 2010 is the "must attend" event of the year for Data & Networking, Telecom and Security resellers and integrators.
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In addition to the agenda for reseller business owners, "VoIP Sizzles in Dallas" offers a technical track to introduce the reseller technology buyer to the many options available in VoIP beyond the PBX itself.
Last year, the guests enjoyed dancing so much that we wanted to extend the spirit and sizzle," said Patricia Walsh, chair of this year's gala.
We are thrilled to bring Smashburger to our hometown," says Shreveport Sizzle, Inc.
Shreveport Sizzle, Inc is owned by Scott and Mary Quigley.