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Said of an item that is small enough in size that it could, at least hypothetically, fit inside one's pocket. I have a pocket-sized pack of tissues in my purse, if you need one. I love going through my grandparents' massive unabridged dictionary—it puts my pocket-sized version to shame!

size (someone or something) up

To observe and form an opinion about or estimation of someone or something. I strolled around the arena sizing up the competition. Always size up a car in person before you agree to buy it.
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This report comprehensively analyses the market and industry of the large, medium and small sized LCD Drive ICs, and of the medium and small sized OLED.
Besides the high technical requirements, large sized drive IC manufacturers must obtain the cooperation of large size panel manufacturers and top wafer OEM.
Catherines conducted fit tests around the country with women sized 28 and larger to garner fit specifications and details little known about the Extended Plus Size customer.
com/reports/c37341) has announced the addition of Medium-Small Sized LCD and OLED Drive IC Industry Study, 2005-2006 (Chinese Version) to their offering.
Like large sized TFT-LCD drive IC, the medium and small sized TFT-LCD drives IC also need high pressure techniques.
The report describes the technical characteristics and compares the performances of major medium-small sized displays, such as CSTN-LCD, TFT-LCD, OLED and VFD, it statistically analyzes various technology applications and manufacturers market shares, and it introduces TET-LCD manufacturers and STN-LCD manufacturers.