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Standard features: PC-based Polaris control, variable-volume pump, up to six injection-unit choices per clamp size, over 30 injection-unit/clamp-size combinations, expanded daylight for large molds and stack molds.
While quantitative researchers use complex mathematical formulae to make sample size considerations, and they promote the use of random sampling (even though the overwhelming majority of studies utilize non-random samples), sample size considerations in qualitative studies are neither mathematical nor systematic.
However, modest size differences between the sexes typically characterize mammals with a penchant for soul mates, rather than the gorillalike pattern that had been proposed.
In simplistic terms, effect size refers to any statistic that describes the degree of difference or relationship between the variables of interest.
Veteran shoppers know their size can oscillate wildly from one store to the next.
Significant reductions in litter size are distributed across all the dose groups, with the fall data following a normal monotonic decrease in litter size (Figure 1).
The finer pore size filters are more effective in removing fine slag inclusions that can be responsible for leaker defects in pressure tight castings.
It was decided to keep the air flow consistent with the full size test fixture and reduce the length of the pipe burner to accommodate the smaller size test sample.
Thus, a common effect size would be obtained using the information from all studies.
Three of the sizes were based on fortified rosin with different concentrations of fumaric acid, and the fourth size was based on esterified rosin.