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Rare among Murakami's works, Sixty-nine is an "I"-novel that describes in a simple, straightforward style the events of 1969 and the protagonist-narrator's involvement in them.
A sentence such as "A, ore chotto karepan demo kote kuru" (literally, "Uh, I'll go get a curried bun or something"), for instance, becomes, "Hey, man, I think I'll go get something to eat." The quality of the translation aside, Sixty-nine is a "fun" work that, like a piece of pop art, can be enjoyed by a broad range of readers.
For American readers, Sixty-Nine may seem most a cross between Catcher in the Rye and The Strawberry Statement.
This information, while still tentative in nature, was provided to the Federal Reserve, in part, as an outgrowth of the continuing dialogue that had been occurring between the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England regarding the overall investigation into the BCCI affair but also because it was recognized that the seizure of a global bank operating around the clock in some sixty-nine countries would have to be executed with great care to avoid banking disruptions on a national or international scale.
Finally, there was the more general concern that the precedent of seizing an institution with operations in some sixty-nine countries could-by its very nature-unsettle banking markets on a global scale.
Vyakul, who died in May at sixty-nine, was no "outsider"; he was a tantric scholar and Sanskritist, a learned and avid collector of devices used in magic and ritual, and a founder of what has become the richest private museum of folk and tantric art in India.
Sixty-nine percent said they oppose voucher plans to aid religious and other private schools.
Now eighty-three, and a member of the fastest-growing age group in the United States, Studs gives us Coming of Age, sixty-nine interviews with sundry old people who have two things in common: they have beaten the biblical odds of three score and ten years (the oldest is ninety-nine), and they are not now, nor have they ever been, bystanders at life.
There are some, of course, from the sixty-nine elders, even from those who point out the non-point in dwelling on what might have been.
PESHAWAR, November 20, 2009 (Balochistan Times): Four hundred and thirty peoples including sixty-nine Afghanis were held for violating ban orders on pillion riding in Peshawar and weapons have been recovered from their possession during last several days.
While acknowledging the potential of the tenancy, NBC Artistic Director James Kudelka adds a note of caution: "The major boon is that we will be able to grow from sixty-nine to ninety performances, which will give the dancers more onstage opportunities, and the company is excited by that.
As the sixty-nine photographs take their place on the museum's walls, Herbert Muschamp looks again at these icons and their era.
Sixty-nine percent of our dancers eighteen years and older said "yes," while the U.
Perry and Mansfield's partnership lasted sixty-nine years.