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And when they find them in a Six Flags, it increases their confidence level even further that they're going to have a terrific day at the park.
We're getting tremendous payback because of Lean Six Sigma.
Six Sigma techniques identify and eliminate variability, increase accuracy and precision, and demand decisions drive by data rather than guesswork and intuition.
Motorola executives soon turned their attention toward quality improvement and, in 1986, launched its Six Sigma Quality program, a highly successful method of improving products and services.
Six Sigma projects need to be tied to high-level goals and objectives of the organization.
Six Sigma companies such as GE (US$2 billion annually), Texas Instruments (US$600 million), Johnson & Johnson (US$500 million) and Honeywell (US$1.
Six Continents Club and Priority Club Rewards members can take advantage of a smooth, easy check-in process that removes unnecessary steps that rob guests' precious time.
3 percentage point mean increase in percent of predicted normal FVC during the first six months of treatment to a 5.
Six Sigma is a measurement that enables us to know how effective we are in eliminating defects and variations from our processes, products, and services.
industry has employed Six Sigma, a process to objectively measure and correct operational problems that practitioners identify.
For the six months ended December 31, 2006, and December 31, 2005, Vertical recognized $1.
Robert Brooks of Value Innovation Partners, a noted Six Sigma expert, addressed the group's February 26 meeting, "Reducing Waste and Maximizing Efficiency Using Lean Six Sigma.
Picking six consecutive winners on a football parlay card typically returns $40 for your $1 bet.
In the mid-1980s, Motorola invented a powerful tool called Six Sigma(r) to improve its internal manufacturing process - and in doing so created a mechanism that has helped organizations around the world become more efficient, more profitable and more responsive to their customers.
Hertzler Systems has teamed with other leading providers of Six Sigma Software and the ISSSP (International Society of Six Sigma Professionals) to present a free, one-day workshop introducing the latest tools for better access, analysis and management of real-time data, and more insightful tools for managing your Six Sigma projects.