sit with

sit with (one)

1. To provide company for one who is in or confined to bed. Tommy asked me to sit with him after waking up from an awful nightmare. We want to make sure there is always someone sitting with Paul while he is in the hospital.
2. To provide care to one who is unable to care for oneself, especially in for short periods of time. Thanks to the grant we received, we were able to hire someone to sit with Aunt Josephine for a few hours a day and give my poor mother a well deserved break. Will you come and sit with the kids while I go get the car serviced?
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sit with someone

1. to stay with someone; to sit up with someone. My uncle sat with me my first day in the hospital
2. to stay with and care for one or more children; to babysit for someone. I hired Mrs. Wilson to sit with the children. We couldn't go out for dinner because we couldn't find anyone to sit with the kids.
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If she hated him so intensely that she would rather write that note on the blackboard than sit with him, what use was it to sigh like a furnace longer for her?
I offered him a share, as was much the custom in those days; but he was far too great a man to sit with such poor customers as Ransome and myself, and he was leaving the room, when I called him back to ask if he knew Mr.