sit still for

sit still (for something)

1. To remain seated in a calm, placid, or attentive manner (for some particular event). I was so excited about going to the fair that I could barely sit still during breakfast. OK, children, please sit still for the presentation.
2. To fail or choose not to act in response to something; to endure or tolerate something passively or submissively. I couldn't just sit still for condescending, hypocritical remarks, so I gathered my things and walked right out of the building. How can you just sit still while he makes such disgusting remarks? If I were you, I'd bring the issue up with the HR department.
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sit still for something

1. Lit. to remain seated without fidgeting during something. The child could hardly be expected to sit still for the opera. Timmy would not sit still for his haircut.
2. Fig. to remain idle rather than act to prevent something; to endure or tolerate something. I won't sit still for that kind of treatment. she would not sit still for an insult like that.
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