sit right with

sit right (with one)

To be acceptable, agreeable, or permissible to one; to seem correct, appropriate, or prudent. Typically used in negative constructions. Something about the whole arrangement just didn't sit right, so I decided to investigate the matter further. As long as the plan sits right with my advisors, I'm happy to sign off on it. Something you said doesn't sit right with us.
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sit right with someone

Fig. [for something] to be acceptable or understandable to someone. (Very close to sit well with someone.) What you just said doesn't really sit right with me. Let's talk about it. It didn't sit right with the boss.
See also: right, sit
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"I thought about 'would it help in the right way?' and 'is it right?' - but it didn't sit right with me.
She stuck out of his life in a way that didn't sit right with him.
That bending the rules is seen as nothing to be ashamed of doesn't sit right with me.
"Playing against Chelsea just doesn't sit right with me, to be honest," he said.
The raw emotion of leaving the club after so long there just didn't sit right with me.
(playing against them) just didn't sit right with me.
But it doesn't sit right with them so they thought that it would be a good idea to make an invoice to the US government for musical services, Key added.
Although the film is more than competently directed and worthy of much of the praise it's receiving, something didn't sit right with me as I watched it.
"I don't like losing and that will never sit right with me, but at the same time I'm fully confident in my abilities."
If you know you've got a second chance it doesn't sit right with me," he said.