sit comfortably/easily/well

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not sit comfortably (with one)

To not be agreeable to one's values or sensibilities. The idea that some children have to go hungry in this country just doesn't sit comfortably with me. Some aspects of my proposal didn't sit comfortably with them, but I assured them that things could be changed to accommodate their preferences.
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sit comfortably/easily/well (with something)

(written) seem right, natural, suitable, etc. in a particular place or situation: His views did not sit comfortably with the management line.
See also: comfortably, easily, sit, well
References in classic literature ?
I admire your little establishment exceedingly; and as soon as I am gone, you will empty your head of all this nonsense of acting, and sit comfortably down to your table.
These were known by their coats and pantaloons of black or brown, made to sit comfortably, with white cravats and waistcoats, broad solid-looking shoes, and thick hose or gaiters.
The terms "grossly overweight" and "ridiculous" sit comfortably with Elvis.
Presenter Stephen Fry says: "Film is one of the arts that most spreads the essence of our identity around the world, and our admiration and appreciation of global film-making ensures that the EE British Academy Film Awards sit comfortably on the world stage of film awards events honouring the best of the best.
WANTING Some politicians say we have never had it so good But the plight of the poor, they have never understood When we shake our begging bowl asking for more We are politely shooed away from the door We have never heard of a politician who is poor They receive a high salary just to jaw and jaw And sit comfortably back on their fat backside They don't care enough about the fate of mankind Only time will tell how far they push the working men For them to rebel en masse to get out of this hell Lives are being wasted as day follows day Men don't want the dole, they want to earn their pay Give them the tools to go with a job And let them earn a few honest bob Every man is eager to pull his weight As day turns into weeks he can only hope and wait.
Kids at Williamsburgh Primary and nursery in Paisley were deprived of a bit of fun because, in the words of headmistress Nova Scott, "Halloween doesn't sit comfortably with the religious views of some families".
Presumably it would sit comfortably with him should a member of his family be charged with murder and sentenced to death for a crime they never committed, then at a later date to be informed there had been a miscarriage of justice.
Hip strengthener Sit comfortably, with your legs and feet together, and tie a resistance band around your thighs.
THE news this week about Bryan Flynn's appointment as manager of the national side for the next two qualifying games still does not sit comfortably with me.
This measure should only be introduced as a last resort, but even at that it doesn't sit comfortably with me.
The new SwitchBlade collapsible climber from Summit Treestands features a newly engineered armrest design that puts the pressure points where they should be--so you can sit comfortably for hours.
In a similar vein to 2003's Youth and Young Manhood, Kings Of Leon reaffirmtheir country origins while still writing powerful rock numbers that sit comfortably next to some revealing down-tempo numbers.
Match your ring with your engagement ring, or at least make sure they sit comfortably together.
Despite such anarchic ambitions, however, as proven by this building, Llinas still manages to develop buildings that sit comfortably as unified wholes; eccentrically planned--yet centred; abstractly disfigured--yet compositionally balanced, the Jaume Fuster Library serves as a delightful summary of Llinas' recently pronounced architectural obligations.
If you as a business person can now leave your car at home, work on your laptop or cell, and sit comfortably while being taken to work, you are helping disperse a fraction of the gridlock, and are helping reduce emissions and the use of fossil fuel.