sit around

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sit around (somewhere)

to sit somewhere and relax or do nothing; to sit idly somewhere. Tom likes to sit around the house in shorts and a T-shirt on hot days. Too many people are just sitting around doing nothing at my office.
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sit around something

to be seated at the edge or perimeter of something. They sat around the camp fire for hours. We used to sit around the big kitchen table and talk.
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sit around

to relax sitting; to waste time sitting. Don't just sit around! Get moving! I need to sit around every now and then and reorganize my thoughts.
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sit around

To sit idly near a location: We sat around the airport waiting for our flight. I've been sitting around waiting for you for almost two hours.
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Mum makes our tea and we all sit around the table together.
We sit around the table and talk about diversity, but it may not mean the same thing to each of us here," notes Redia Anderson, chief diversity officer at Deloitte & Touche.
You know, what happens when you build a fire is that people come out from the cold and sit around and enjoy each other's company.
The Losers' Club is formed on a whim one day as Alex and his two best friends sit around complaining about the treatment they receive at the hands of Jerry and his cronies.
This is a historic moment for me and for all of us sitting here today when we see former adversaries sit around the table of peace to discuss reconciliation and discuss the future of Angola, the future of this country and the future of its people.
While others sit around talking about how to get more students into accounting, Ida has been out there for years actively bringing them in.
If you allow your savings to sit around the house, you're actually stealing from yourself.
At a time when even our women's teams are working on the weights, we have to wonder what possesses the ancient mariners who still look upon our strength savants as professional weight-lifters and sit around waiting for the round mounds of flab like Babe Ruth and Fats Henry to come out of the woodwork and vindicate their theories about "genetic endowments" and "muscle binding.
The Clinton administration proved in Yugoslavia that it's not going to sit around and wait for congressional approval before waging an actual war.
The deepest part of the mammalian ear doesn't just sit around listening, according to new anatomical research.
Worry She went on: "We aren't one of those families who sit around on benefits but the problem is they seem to be the only people the system cares about.
In the commercials, the characters sit around the family dinner table discussing sports and life, with Wise LeBron - a grumpy old man - stealing the show as he colorfully boasts about his days as a star basketball player.
The real reason we made the EP was because the full length was taking so long and we wanted to see if we could make a record at home, ya know, sit around the house, smoke pot, drink coffee and make a record like in the movies.
If you want to sit around here and wait until America becomes another African continent, well.
Stick it in the middle of a meeting table, have everyone sit around it with their laptops, and the FSV-PGXl will act as a file distributor -- kind of like a blackjack dealer -- tossing out the files to anyone who needs to take a peek.