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no sirree

Absolutely not; no way. "Sirree" is an informal version of "sir." A: "I mean, would you betray your coworkers for a bit of extra money?" B: "No sirree! I have principles." No sirree, I will not be fooled again!
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No siree(, Bob)!

Inf. Absolutely no! (Not necessarily said to a male, and rarely to any Bob.) Bill: Do you want to sell this old rocking chair? Jane: No siree, Bob! Bill: You don't want sweet potatoes, do you? Fred: No siree!
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Yes siree(, Bob)!

Inf. Absolutely!; Without a doubt! (Not necessarily said to a male and not necessarily to Bob.) Mary: Do you want some more cake? Tom: Yes siree, Bob! "That was a fine turkey dinner. Yes siree!" said Uncle Henry.
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whoosh, as you passed by but I got it back, Jack, yes Siree, cradled it
In his judgement of the case, Mr Justice Griffith-Williams branded Siree and Bland's actions as "mindless drunken violence" for which they have shown no remorse.
No siree, we would NEVER treat our readers like that.
No siree, she got a job (as if those are the only two possible decisions available).
Being a middle manager in the Lost and Found Warehouse is no easy task, no siree, not at all.
Yes, siree, that is Virginia Primson--the always proper, pink-faced, podgy darling of the village.
A stouter pair of Jews rejects Jello, "No siree, not for my kosher plate.
Siree on samba -xi naaxan na, i a mother Siree 1PL.
Obviously the British felt obliged to suck up to the Yanks, so Flannagan & Allan recorded a truly forgettable number about some poor schmuck of a kid who got lumbered with the name Franklin Delano Roosevelt Jones, Yes, siree, yes, sir-ee.
No siree, which is why Garson Kanin's "Born Yesterday" remains an enduring delight, especially in the capable hands of Arena Stage.
No lost love anguish or angst filled uncertainty for these lads--no, siree.
No siree, not with the hook firmly set and Emily zipping out line from the rod faster than a North Lake bluefin tuna.
No siree, I wasn't going to marry nobody and miss this.
No siree - you can actually smell the garlic as soon as you open the bottle.