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no sirree

Absolutely not; no way. "Sirree" is an informal version of "sir." A: "I mean, would you betray your coworkers for a bit of extra money?" B: "No sirree! I have principles." No sirree, I will not be fooled again!
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yes, sirree

1. informal A more emphatic way of responding "yes." "Sirree" is itself an informal variant of "sir"; it is sometimes spelled "siree." A: "Are you going to the party tonight?" B: "Yes, sirree. Probably going to head over there around 9 or so."
2. informal Used to emphasize what one just said, rather than being addressed to anyone in particular. Yes, sirree, this new lawnmower will take care of that grass in half the time it used to take! I truly believe that this is the finest pizza in all of New York City, yes, siree!
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No siree(, Bob)!

Inf. Absolutely no! (Not necessarily said to a male, and rarely to any Bob.) Bill: Do you want to sell this old rocking chair? Jane: No siree, Bob! Bill: You don't want sweet potatoes, do you? Fred: No siree!
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Yes siree(, Bob)!

Inf. Absolutely!; Without a doubt! (Not necessarily said to a male and not necessarily to Bob.) Mary: Do you want some more cake? Tom: Yes siree, Bob! "That was a fine turkey dinner. Yes siree!" said Uncle Henry.
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tea cups and saucers designed to find each other again, no Siree. No
Even 12 years on, we won't be wishing her a Nadolig Llawen, no siree.
No mental scarring here, no siree. When it was my time to dish out the names I took my duties rather more seriously than my parents seem to have.
It's a great time, you see." "For a Mike's?" "Yes siree." "Even if there were bodybuilders on bikes?" "Even if they brought that guy that nobody likes.
'I did not have inappropriate relations with my saxophone, no siree!' he declared sheepishly.
Gabor Sarkozi's partner Judit Galovics asked why James Siree and his uncle Gary Bland had brutally murdered the "love of her life", when he was a totally innocent man.
"No, not me," says I, "and if I did, I wouldn't tell you, no siree." Sorry to say, we all do.
Zaven Kouyomdjian, a Lebanese TV celebrity and presenter of "Siree Wenfatahet" programme on Future TV, said that there is no absolute truth and no absolute lie.
Back then he probably still had the svelte physique and full thatch on top to convince as a no-nonsense law man - no 'baldly going where no man has gone before' jokes back in those Enterprise-captaining hey-day, no siree.
No siree, we would NEVER treat our readers like that.
No siree, she got a job (as if those are the only two possible decisions available).
Being a middle manager in the Lost and Found Warehouse is no easy task, no siree, not at all.
No, siree. According to Sambhavna, Shekhar was the one and only star of India's Got Talent -- even as Shekhar seemed to visibly squirm in embarrassment.
"Yes, siree, that is Virginia Primson--the always proper, pink-faced, podgy darling of the village.