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sip at (something)

To take small sips of a drink over a period of time. My favorite thing to do is watch the sun come up while I sip at my first coffee of the day. It always makes me self-conscious when someone I'm out with sips at one or two drink throughout the whole evening while I'm getting a fresh pint every half hour.
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sip on (something)

To take small sips of a drink over a period of time. My favorite thing to do is watch the sun come up while I sip on my first coffee of the day. It amazes me how people can sip on their drinks. I can't help myself from guzzling them down!
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sip at

or sip on
To drink from some beverage in small amounts at a time: The skier sipped at the hot coffee at the lodge. She was sipping on a cocktail at the bar.
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1. n. a puff of a marijuana cigarette. (Drugs.) He took a big sip and held it so long he almost turned blue.
2. tv. & in. to take a puff of a marijuana cigarette. The alley was populated by a bunch of teeny-boppers sipping away the afternoon.
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