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sip on (something)

To take small sips of a drink over a period of time. My favorite thing to do is watch the sun come up while I sip on my first coffee of the day. It amazes me how people can sip on their drinks. I can't help myself from guzzling them down!
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sip at (something)

To take small sips of a drink over a period of time. My favorite thing to do is watch the sun come up while I sip at my first coffee of the day. It always makes me self-conscious when someone I'm out with sips at one or two drink throughout the whole evening while I'm getting a fresh pint every half hour.
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sip at

or sip on
To drink from some beverage in small amounts at a time: The skier sipped at the hot coffee at the lodge. She was sipping on a cocktail at the bar.
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1. n. a puff of a marijuana cigarette. (Drugs.) He took a big sip and held it so long he almost turned blue.
2. tv. & in. to take a puff of a marijuana cigarette. The alley was populated by a bunch of teeny-boppers sipping away the afternoon.
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And Sipper's observation is dead-on -- 5-hour Energy accounted for 93.8 percent of all c-store dollar sales among energy shots.
Sipper explains in clear and simple prose the theory and results of many other cutting-edge experiments--from robot fireflies and crickets to a Bio Watch that can heal itself when damaged--and explores the exciting practical applications these experiments could lead to.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Red Colour Insulated Water Bottles Of Minimum 2 Litres Capacity With Tolerance Of Plus 10 Percent And Minus Zero Percent, Of Size 195 X129 X 333 Mm Plus/Minus 20 Percent Bearing Weight Of 450 Grams To 750 Grams With Belt And Sipper Having Provision Of Flip And Sip Cap With Proper Heat Insulation So That Water Can Be Kept Cool For 5-6 Hours, Of Make Milton, Cello, Eagle Or Similar As Per Attached Specification .
This charmer can be had at some local big-box wine retailers for about $10, putting it well within reach as a go-to summer sipper.
The bottles have a pull-up sipper cap with finger loop and will be available later this year Silicone banding is available for the top and bottom as well.
With the first purchase, a customer receives a free "Savvy Sipper" smart card.
The original study found that there was no single type of premium wine consumer, but rather that consumers tended to fall into one of six consumer segments: Enthusiast, Image Seeker, Savvy Shopper, Traditionalist, Satisfied Sipper, and Overwhelmed.
is recalling about 40,000 Kid's Sipper Bottles, in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).
Fresh Samantha, Inc., Saco, Maine, tapped Bill Sipper to the newly created position of vice president and national sales manager.
When the game ends relax with a WINE SPRITZER, the traditional European summer sipper. Just place an ice cube or two in a large wine glass, add three to four ounces of white wine (any white wine) and fill with club soda.
Tenders are invited for Insulated Water Bottle With Belt And Sipper Of 2000 Ml Capacity With Tolerance Of Plus 10 Percent And Minus 0 Percent Capacity Of The Following Brands Only.- Milton, Cello Or Eagle With Specifications And Conditions As Per Attached Annexure Pdf.
Toasty might not be the first quality that pops to mind when you think of a cooling summer sipper, but the 2013 J California Pinot Gris (about $13 at big box wine stores) delivers admirably on that seeming contradiction.
juice and water range is 70 per cent juice, 30 per cent water and is packaged in handy 200ml sipper bottles.
It's not exactly a fuel sipper, you do need fairly deep pockets to keep it going, but it still manages just over 30mpg and its 219g/km CO2 emissions are on a par with lower-powered diesel cars.
"As the popularity of tequila served with lime wedges and this authentic sipper grew, we tried serving it at a Tequila Dinner which led to the Tequila Shots promotion," Ritter explains.