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siphon off

1. To suck or draw off a liquid from or out of something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "siphon" and "off." The thief was caught siphoning off gas from cars parked around the city. You'll want to siphon any excess oil off from the top of the solution.
2. By extension, to take funds, especially illegally or deceitfully, from another source in small increments. A noun or pronoun can be used between "siphon" and "off." The CEO has been accused of siphoning money off from his employees' pensions funds to pay for his personal trips around the world. The sales assistant siphoned off money from the till for years before she was finally caught.
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siphon the python

vulgar slang Of a male, to urinate. "Python" is a slang term for the penis. Primarily heard in Australia. Excuse me a minute. After all those beers, I need to go siphon the python.
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siphon something off

 (from something)
1. Lit. to suck or draw a liquid off from something. Harry siphoned the cream off the milk. He siphoned off the cream.
2. Fig. to embezzle or steal something a little at a time. The teller had been siphoning money off for years. she siphoned off a few dollars from the collection every week or so.
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siphon off

1. To draw off or convey something through or as if through a siphon: I used a tube to siphon off the excess water in the fish tank. The lawn mower ran out of gas, so we siphoned some off from the car's gas tank.
2. To appropriate some money illegally or dishonestly: The managers were siphoning off money from the foundation and putting it into secret accounts. The dictator siphoned millions of dollars off and hid the money in private bank accounts.
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It is worth to say that Theorem 15 is just a sufficient condition, and some live OSC-[S.sup.*] PR nets may contain non-max'-controlled siphons. In other words, sometimes Theorem 15 is a little strict though, so there maybe exist ways to loosen the sufficient condition.
Arthropods are able to obtain a larger spatial sample of the odor plume than gastropods as a result of the chemical sensors on their legs and claws, in addition to their antennae, whereas gastropods like knobbed whelks have sensors on their siphon, tentacles, and foot, and are less able to sample in space (Weissburg 2000, Weissburg et al.
In fact, the first attempt at cured-in-place lining one of the 78-inch siphons was a disaster as the lining collapsed and had to be cut out and removed.
For an augmented marked graph, minimal siphons can be classified into R-siphons and NR-siphons.
iSi is also proud to announce the launch of their signature Soda Siphon in three new eye-catching designer colors--Sky, Lemon, and Tangerine.
Colonies of Botryllus schlosseri are composed of asexually produced zooids arranged in clusters, or systems, with all zooids in a system sharing a common exhalant siphon. Throughout the life of a colony, all zooids periodically undergo a synchronous asexual zooid replacement cycle in which a new generation of zooids, termed buds, forms between the existing zooids (Berrill, 1941; Izzard, 1973).
The old siphon pipes had provided reliable service to the growing GBMSD service areas on the west side of the Fox River for 60 years.
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Liss America is the importer and distributor of Liss Professional Cream Whippers, Soda Siphons, and Liss Professional Chargers to the North American market.
recognized the potential of pulp and at paper development in China early, establishing a factory for siphons and joints in the early 1990s.
Streit Inc., Hammonton, NJ, and sister company, Walker Diving Contractors recently completed a major underwater sliplining project to repair two inverted siphons under the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, PA.