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siphon the python

vulgar slang Of a male, to urinate. (Here, "python" is a euphemism for the penis.) Primarily heard in Australia. Excuse me a minute. After all those beers, I need to go siphon the python.
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siphon something off

 (from something)
1. Lit. to suck or draw a liquid off from something. Harry siphoned the cream off the milk. He siphoned off the cream.
2. Fig. to embezzle or steal something a little at a time. The teller had been siphoning money off for years. she siphoned off a few dollars from the collection every week or so.
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siphon off

1. To draw off or convey something through or as if through a siphon: I used a tube to siphon off the excess water in the fish tank. The lawn mower ran out of gas, so we siphoned some off from the car's gas tank.
2. To appropriate some money illegally or dishonestly: The managers were siphoning off money from the foundation and putting it into secret accounts. The dictator siphoned millions of dollars off and hid the money in private bank accounts.
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Despite the significant siphoning losses, which Petersen said does not substantially impact Pemex's finances, there is also a human and environmental issue.
The siphoning has also led to explosions and fuel spills.
Siphoning occurs most often in the return line or supply line.
An attorney investigating a siphoning case must determine the location of the break in the fuel line, the fluid level in the tank, and the orientation of the vehicle at the crash scene.
Juries have been highly receptive to plaintiffs' claims of siphoning defects.
Siphoning cases are so successful for three primary reasons.
Some current vehicle components--including fuel pumps, reservoirs, and filters--incorporate valves that will prevent siphoning if there is a break in the fuel line.
The automotive industry has known for many years that siphoning can contribute to post-collision fires.
GM engineers discussed several "solutions" to prevent siphoning after it was discovered that a car siphoned fuel from its tank in a 50-mph crash test into a pole.
And lorry drivers are being targeted on the road pit-stops by thieves intent on siphoning off diesel for resale.
In addition to the $64 million being sought pursuant to the complaint, the Colombian government has asserted that the plot involved the siphoning off of other monies belonging to various public entities, including the Colombian social security, and private depositors," said Fanny Kertzman, Director General of the Colombian government's Tax and Customs Agency.