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siphon the python

vulgar slang Of a male, to urinate. (Here, "python" is a euphemism for the penis.) Primarily heard in Australia. Excuse me a minute. After all those beers, I need to go siphon the python.
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siphon something off

 (from something)
1. Lit. to suck or draw a liquid off from something. Harry siphoned the cream off the milk. He siphoned off the cream.
2. Fig. to embezzle or steal something a little at a time. The teller had been siphoning money off for years. she siphoned off a few dollars from the collection every week or so.
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siphon off

1. To draw off or convey something through or as if through a siphon: I used a tube to siphon off the excess water in the fish tank. The lawn mower ran out of gas, so we siphoned some off from the car's gas tank.
2. To appropriate some money illegally or dishonestly: The managers were siphoning off money from the foundation and putting it into secret accounts. The dictator siphoned millions of dollars off and hid the money in private bank accounts.
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The Scottish Power depot where thieves siphoned hundreds of litres of fuel from lorries Picture: ARWYN ROBERTS
If a vehicle fire occurs but the fuel tank is intact, the attorney should determine whether gas could have siphoned from the tank.
According to a Nagpur-based farm activist, Kishore Tiwari, "It has come to our notice and that of the Yavatmal collector that through forged documents, money meant for tribals was siphoned off by forest officials, contractors and politicians.
POLICE are warning people to beware of fuel thieves after oil was siphoned from a North East holiday cottage.
It was shortly after he had siphoned some of the fluid that Mr Forbes suddenly fell ill.
The fraud allegations centre on EU taxpayers' money being siphoned into secret accounts - and last night the Commission seized all Eurostat office files and cancelled all contracts with French statistics consultancy Planistat.
Under new scrutiny, the health department conceded that some of the $6 million in money coming in from health inspection fees was siphoned off to the general DHS budget when it could have been applied to hiring more inspectors.
Ultimately, the challenge facing insurance carriers is to bridge the gap between the brand-focused customers they successfully attract and the price-focused customers siphoned by distribution sites.
federal court today against Banco Popular del Ecuador, prominent international investor Nicolas Landes and others to recover $64 million in tax and customs revenues alleged to have vanished from the coffers of Banco Andino Colombia, an affiliate of Banco Popular del Ecuador, as part of a larger scheme that siphoned millions from Colombian depositors and taxing authorities.