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This sin is usually considered the most serious of the seven deadly sins.
In monotheistic religions, sinning is assumed to be natural for humans, but while Christianity believes in the original sin, Islam considers every person to be born innocent of sin and upon the natural fitrah.
'The love of God is bigger than sins and the mercy of God outweighs one's mistakes, so you should not be ashamed of confessing your sins,'' he said.
Too many people are focused on small, meaningless sins. Kevin Considine is right; there needs to be a way to atone for structural sin committed by our shared society.
Religious leaders' sins.  This sort of thing put me on the path to atheism, and I think it turned others there as well.  In Christianity, greed is a sin.  A huge sin.  And it's considered virtuous to give to others.  Yet you have people like Jim Bakker, who embezzled money from his ministry, and the aptly named Creflo Dollar, who sought donations so he could buy himself a private jet.  Not to mention every instance of a religious leader who preached sexual purity, yet had his own indiscretions, or religious leaders who preach "do not kill," unless it's in service to their interpretation of the deity. 
Because the WSN and SINS are two separate (self-contained) subsystems, the data alignment discrepancies between SINS and WSN would appear with the clock difference and data transmission latency.
The fact is, Christians have been telling the world for the last 2,000 years that Jesus died for our sins.
While the manualist and the confessor pitied the beleaguered challenges of the laity, the laity cooperated by proposing extenuating circumstances that made their sins less culpable and, therefore, their personal freedom less mature.
It is important to realize this relationship between sins and the problems in our lives because a lot of times as humans we tend to deflect the cause of something harmful to someone or something other than ourselves.
Sins and transgressions--which we regard as God-connected notions--are not a standard part of our vocabulary.
Venial sins are commonly divided into faults of surprise and deliberate sins.
When he was asked his opinion on the sins of humankind, Mohandas Gandhi insisted that all sin is social.
If Jesus died "to atone for our sins," he would therefore not have had to die if mankind, including myself was sinless, therefore mankind, including myself caused his death, therefore being "guilty"?
The indulgences offered by the medieval Catholic church did not in themselves offer forgiveness for sins. Forgiveness was given after a person had made a full and contrite confession of their sin, repenting of it.
"If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness." - 1 John 1:9 (NIV) A PENCIL with an eraser can be used to draw, work out maths, write a poem, you name it.