sink so low

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sink so low

To lower one's ethical standards (or perceived standards) by behaving in a malignant, self-centered, or despicable manner. In the wake of these vicious attacks, it's horrible to think that our fellow citizens could sink so low in the name of patriotism. I knew John wasn't the most philanthropic guy around, but I never expected him to sink so low.
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ˌsink so ˈlow


sink to something

have such low moral standards that you do something very bad: Stealing from your friends? How could you sink so low?I can’t believe that anyone would sink to such depths.
See also: low, sink
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Even at his most deluded, it's hard to imagine Steve Coogan's parody radio host Alan Partridge sinking so low as this appallingly tasteless musical travesty This plastic pretend-calypso, peddling political poison in a fake-verging-on-racist Caribbean accent, must surely do far more to sink the party than support it.
Congratulations on sinking so low as to publish a 'hilarious' article on why he didn't want to cover Birmingham Pride.
Mr Brunstrom should be disgusted with himself for sinking so low.
Movie stars: Kate and Leonardo; Sinking so low: Russian TV's footage of subs which really came from the movie Titanic
I intend to do all I can to prevent standards in our schools from sinking so low and hope others will support me in this.
For the fading stars, who are now sinking so low, this bearing-all, eating bugs and squat toilet escapade is their only hope of getting back on top.