sink (one's) teeth into (something)

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sink (one's) teeth into (something)

To start doing or become involved in something with one's utmost energy, determination, or enthusiasm. I'm always looking for a great book to sink my teeth into. I'd like you to sink your teeth into a new project that I'm developing.
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sink one's teeth into

Also, get one's teeth into. Become fully engaged in, as in He couldn't wait to sink his teeth into that problem. This metaphoric expression alludes to an animal biting vigorously into its prey. [Early 1900s]
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get/sink your ˈteeth into something

(informal) put effort and enthusiasm into something that is difficult enough to keep you interested: This job is too easy. Why can’t they give me something I can really get my teeth into?
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sink one’s teeth into something

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sink (one's) teeth into

To undertake an endeavor energetically: She sank her teeth into the challenging project.
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sink one's teeth into, to

To become fully engaged or engrossed in something. The analogy in this term, which began to be used figuratively only in the early twentieth century, is to the animal that bites deeply and vigorously into food. Dorothy Sayers used it in Gaudy Night (1935), describing a scholarly effort: “If one could work . . . getting one’s teeth into something dull and durable.”
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References in classic literature ?
Buck rushed at the splintering wood, sinking his teeth into it, surging and wrestling with it.
But his fellows were afraid to box with him, and he signalized his last wrestling bout by sinking his teeth into the shoulder of his opponent.
"He told me he loved me too much and want to die together before grabbing my wrist and sinking his teeth into it.
Suarez last year vowed never to bite again - his World Cup shame was the third time he'd been caught - after creating a worldwide storm in Brazil for sinking his teeth into Chiellini.
THAT HURTS Suarez could miss eight games for sinking his teeth into Branislav Ivanovic
Hours after he stood guarding the Queen in London, Fusilier Lee Welsh stood in the dock after admitting sinking his teeth into a stranger and ripping off part of his right ear.
David Todd is accused of sinking his teeth into the animal's head in a busy street in Edinburgh.
Drunken Michael Davies, 44, lashed out at his mother Pearl, calling her 'evil' before sinking his teeth into her cheek.
Between these two events Morris put on quite a show, what with the cheerleaders of Lucky Charms in their Hellzapoppin spangles, his foot-stomping, thigh-slapping Polka, the six strangers of The Office united by dance, and the choreographer himself sinking his teeth into One Charming Night, a deliciously vampiric duet.
Walker, 26, admitted sinking his teeth into the left ear of L Cpl Paul Beswick in a nightclub after a friendly football match between the Marines and Paras in Exeter.
One of the lions, a large male with a shaggy mane, duly obliged, ripping off his jacket and sinking his teeth into his right leg and arm.
A MADCAP dentist is sinking his teeth into a bizarre record - by commuting an incredible 560 miles to work.
Anthony Costa looks like like he's doing an Elvis impersonation while you'd think Lee Ryan was sinking his teeth into a new girlfriend.