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Working as the magazine's only full-time or even regular employee, Sinker produces six 150-page issues a year notable for their high standards for graphic design and visual quality as well as for writing.
Once the pressure level that caused crystallization was reached, the pressure was released and the solution was heated to 170 [degrees] C, and the sinker was moved back and forth at this temperature for 20 min to redissolve the polymer and homogenize the solution.
That's when heavier sinkers and heftier rods are needed to launch rigs and hold stationary in sometimes rough surf and longshore current.
This causes the egg sinker to plummet to the bottom, creating an added tug on the line and also potentially snags the sinker on vegetation or rocks as the pike swims off.
Mr Sinker said she had a long list of previous convictions including theft.
The materials that helped the clay sinker float included the plastic bottle cap and the wooden clothespin.
"I'm going out with confidence in my sinker every time," he said.
Johnson prefers the slip sinker rig, because fooling big grouper is all about presentation.
A precise combination of rod, reel, line, hook, sinker, and sonar seems more integral to the success of drop-shot angling than any other technique in bass fishing.
From her detention at Camp Crame, Senator Leila de Lima criticized some of her colleagues in the Senate who believed 'hook, line and sinker' the drug allegations hurled at her.
Ryan Thompson was coach of Team Hook, Line and Sinker, representing the Center of Hope in Southbridge.
The average trout man will certainly have at least five in his armoury - a floater, intermediate, midge tip, fast sinker, and very fast sinker.
My husband and I support the plans and were hoping to have a sensible discussion at the meeting, but it turned into a very one-sided and inflamatory tirade against the council, and some very frightening "facts" were swallowed hook, line and sinker by most of the audience.
The event, at the academy in Seel Street, Liverpool, will be opened by the ECHO's arts editor Joe Riley and "Alice" - Louise Sinker - will also be making appearances.
The pair teamed up for a magazine launch and, as our exclusive picture shows, he fell for her charms hook, line and sinker.