sink (one's) teeth into (something)

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sink (one's) teeth into (something)

To start doing or become involved in something with one's utmost energy, determination, or enthusiasm. I'm always looking for a great book to sink my teeth into. I'd like you to sink your teeth into a new project that I'm developing.
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sink one's teeth into

Also, get one's teeth into. Become fully engaged in, as in He couldn't wait to sink his teeth into that problem. This metaphoric expression alludes to an animal biting vigorously into its prey. [Early 1900s]
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get/sink your ˈteeth into something

(informal) put effort and enthusiasm into something that is difficult enough to keep you interested: This job is too easy. Why can’t they give me something I can really get my teeth into?
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sink one’s teeth into something

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sink (one's) teeth into

To undertake an endeavor energetically: She sank her teeth into the challenging project.
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sink one's teeth into, to

To become fully engaged or engrossed in something. The analogy in this term, which began to be used figuratively only in the early twentieth century, is to the animal that bites deeply and vigorously into food. Dorothy Sayers used it in Gaudy Night (1935), describing a scholarly effort: “If one could work . . . getting one’s teeth into something dull and durable.”
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