sink without (a) trace

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sink without (a) trace

1. To quickly and thoroughly fail. The new smartphone was meant to revolutionize the industry, but it sank without trace after its commercial release. After his initial breakout success, the director's follow-up film sank without a trace.
2. To be forgotten about by the population as a whole, especially after being very popular. The digital pets fad took the world by storm in the late 1990s, but sank without trace by the end of the millennium.
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sink without trace

1 disappear and not be seen or heard of again. 2 fail abjectly.
2 2003 Down Democrat Recently Paul Linehan's team sank without trace in the NCU Senior Cup, crushed by Division Two visitors Carrickfergus.
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sink, vanish, etc. without (a) ˈtrace

disappear completely: The boat sank without trace.Many pop stars sink without a trace. After five years no one can even remember their names.
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But having seen Barkley sink without a trace at Chelsea after leaving in January, Ratcliffe said: "Leaving Everton was the wrong thing for Ross Barkley to do.
Almost all of his ballets deserve at least a limited survival, few indeed to sink without a trace.
It's the disaster movie to end all disaster movies...and Hollywood is just praying it doesn't sink without a trace at the box office.
Although directed by John Henderson (of Loch Ness and Greyfriars Bobby) Mee-Shee will sink without a trace.