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It's hard to believe that the owners have allowed the club to sink to such depths.
Mateschitz is adamant his team will not sink to such depths, saying: "Let the two drivers race and whatever will be will be.
But, although the lessons of gun violence are made crystal clear, the readiness of the thinly-sketched characters to quickly sink to such depths without considering the consequences is rather depressing.
How can a species that had the technical ability to put a man on the Moon now sink to such depths of depravity to treat our fellow Earthly inhabitants with such soulless disregard?
Having read of some of the latest measures that the Government is planning or considering against motorists, however, I have decided that I cannot support any party that can sink to such depths of barbarity.
The volunteers may well be in for their 15 minutes of fame but there is no excuse for celebrities to sink to such depths.