sink to

sink to (something)

1. To fall, descend, or collapse to some lower point or level. The boat was struck with another torpedo, and it sank to the bottom of the sea. They've run out of fuel, but so long as they don't encounter any strong winds, their hot air balloon should sink safely to the ground. I sank to the floor in shock when they told me that Michael had been killed.
2. To appear to move to some lower point or level. We sat watching the stars beginning to appear as the sun sank to the horizon.
3. To move or shift to some lower measurement or degree. The temperatures are supposed to sink to -10 degrees tonight! The power station's output sank to just over 200 megawatts.
4. To engage in some negative action or behavior that one or others believe is below a certain standard of dignity, principles, or integrity. Don't sink to his juvenile taunts. Just ignore him. I can't believe he would sink to spreading lies about me like that. I lost faith in the news site when they sank to posting vacuous, clickbait-driven articles.
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sink to (doing) something

Fig. to lower oneself to doing something bad or mean. I never thought he would sink to doing that. There is nothing that Max wouldn't sink to.
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Mumbi rinses raw chicken in the sink to remove "slime" because that's how her mother used to do it.
Therefore, the redundant data amount reaching the sink in two schemes can be, respectively, calculated according to Figure 13 as follows: deducting the effective data amount from the actual data amount reaching the sink to get Figure 14 and dividing the redundant data amount by actual data amount reaching the sink to get Figure 15.
These event driven applications uses controlled sink mobility pattern for mobile sink to collect the data from the sensor nodes for a particular amount of time.
Even if you're not installing a new sink, you may find it easier to remove the old sink to get better access for removing the old faucet and installing the new one.
In this paper, we consider utilizing a mobile sink to proactively collect data generating from sensor network, and this strategy is also favored by many researchers [8-10].
Therefore, the main motivation behind sink mobility is to change these neighboring nodes periodically by moving the sink to different locations.
SEER's [48] data dissemination is source-based which eliminates the need for the sink to flood an interest for data through the network.
The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) said, "Sink-gate shows the ridiculous depths to which paranoid extremists will sink to manufacture anti-Muslim hysteria based on bizarre and non-existent controversies."
It also allows for the heat sink to be detached and reattached without damaging the component or the PCB, an important feature for applications where PCB rework and ease of assembly and disassembly are important.
He then attached a custom-made aluminum heat sink to the back of the blank with a thin layer of thermal paste, and ran three more tests.
The main contribution is to send the nearest sink to the event region to track the object while dispatch another sink to the center of field to avoid any flooding for sink localization at the next round.
When installed as self-rim, the sink's ledge is only 1.25 mm thick -- about the thickness of a UAE dirham coin -- making the transition from sink to countertop appear seamless.
When installed as self-rim, the sink's ledge is only 1.25 mm thick, making the transition from sink to countertop appear seamless, a statement said.
Once you are satisfied the U-bend is back in position put the bowl under the sink just in case of leaks and remove the plug to allow the dirty water from the sink to wash away.
[1] used solder brazing to attach a foam heat sink to a heated component.