get teeth into

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get (one's) teeth into (something)

To start doing or become involved in something with one's utmost energy, determination, or enthusiasm. I'm always looking for a great book to get my teeth into. I've got a new project I'd like you to get your teeth into.
See also: get, teeth

get one's teeth into something

 and sink one's teeth into something; get one's teeth in; sink one's teeth in
Fig. to begin to do something; to get completely involved in something. I can't wait to get my teeth into that Wallace job. Here, sink your teeth into this and see if you can't manage this project. He'll find it easier when he sinks in his teeth.
See also: get, teeth
References in classic literature ?
The fangs pressed softly; the pressure increased; the wolf was exerting its last strength in an effort to sink teeth in the food for which it had waited so long.