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We are everywhere celebrating the Eid Al-Fitr and we will prevail and triumph, whereas you will be defeated and you and your deviant ideology will sink into oblivion.
2 July 2016 - 12:51 By adopting such a policy, the global arrogance, in fact is trying to divide the Islamic Ummah and let the Palestinian issue sink into oblivion, Ali Asghar Khaji said in a ceremony held to mark the Quds Day event in the Chinese capital on Friday.
I know a lot of managers feel if they don't do it first time, they think they will sink into oblivion," he added.
They need to step up and improve their European prospects or sink into oblivion.
Those feats will never sink into oblivion - on the contrary, each level score and awarded stars will be deliberately traced out on the pages of Bubble Magic 3D.
The ritual will go on for weeks, and, in general, the speeches will all sink into oblivion as soon as they're delivered.
Things that only seek justification through superlatives sink into oblivion once overtaken by another structure somewhere else in the world.
Faced with the general decline in British seaside venues, it was faced with some tough choices: | sink into oblivion until the BBC chooses to use you as the basis for a successful sitcom; | pray for successive summers of unbroken sunshine; | ask the German government for an emergency bail-out; or | reinvent yourself in a light-hearted and creative way and invite the world along to join in the fun.
We must never let the memories of our martyrs to sink into oblivion who enriched the foundation of the country with their blood upon which the nation now stands.
Smiling cynically, he blows a puff, which fills the stage in bellows of smoke as the sextet of singers sink into oblivion.
She's been there since 1993 and the Chica seems destined to sink into oblivion in Cheshire exile.
Yet the impression seems to be around that the Lincoln is moving or the Racing Post Trophy will sink into oblivion.
While the huge structure in Aswan will defy time and continue to remind Egyptians of the single project that saved their great nation from the dangers of flood and drought, the worthless barrier will sooner or later sink into oblivion, forgotten by people and apologized for by authorities.
Lowly Boro, for example, are millions of pounds in debt and if we are unfortunate enough to be relegated, we could sink into oblivion like Leeds - a very bad thing for a town like ours whose many supporters will be bereft without a Premiership game to go to or follow every week.