sink below

sink below (something)

1. Literally, to go beneath the surface of water or some other liquid. The storm punched a hole in the hull of the vessel, causing it to sink below the waves. You might expect such a heavy object to sink below the surface of any liquid, but because it is less dense than mercury, it actually floats on top of it.
2. To move or appear to move beneath or behind some object or boundary. We sat watching the sun sink below the horizon. The child sank below the table to avoid having to talk to the people his parents had invited for dinner.
3. To reach or go to a level or degree beneath some point or threshold. Temperatures are expected to sink below freezing tonight, so beware of icy roads in the morning. We can't let the power output sink below 500 kilowatts.
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sink below something

to descend below a certain level. The boat sank below the surface of the water and was gone. The temperature sank below the freezing mark again today.
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The sailing ships too--how they will back and fill with their cargoes of dead sailors, while their timbers rot and their joints leak, till one by one they sink below the surface.
Read: ( California Earthquakes: San Andreas Fault Could Cause Coast To Instantly Sink Below Sea Level
A recent report by the National Statistical Instutute (NSI) <a href="">warned the country's population could sink below five million by 2070.
Summary: Mumbai: India's rupee will sink below a record low reached last month as a likely ...
- October 2011: BlackBerry users in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, and South America are hit by a service outage lasting several days, and shares sink below $25.
plant on the Pacific coast started to sink below the sea surface earlier this year and are likely to move southward in the future carried by deep-water currents, the study found.
"The first sign of trouble is hyperventilation but, if the swimmer stays in the water, the body will gradually shut down to protect the vital organs and muscles will go into cramp and the victim will be unable to remain afloat and will sink below the surface."
THE pound could sink below parity with the euro, an economic forecaster has warned.
Around a quarter of households face having the value of their property sink below the level of their mortgage, the LibDems have warned.
''Secondhand vehicle sales for all of 2007 are expected to sink below the 5 million unit threshold, marking the first time that annual sales have fallen through that line in 18 years,'' the official said.
During the day little thoughts cross my mind So out come pen and paper double spaced lined Word by word, I soon complete a rhyme This is what I am doing all of the time Thoughts come to be like manna from heaven Before I know it I have written line number seven I know now that I must keep writing on As I watch the sun sink below the blue horizon The end of the day has come too soon But now I seek the old silvery moon With my wife we stroll, like lovers do We talk to each other, yes we bill and coo We call in our local, a pint for me, a glass for her Then a stroll home in the warm evening air For the two of us this is the ideal way To be thankful for the end of a perfect day
All they could see of Abdidamnan, however, was his tennis shoe--about to sink below the surface.
The BOJ took the action as it feared the outstanding balance of current-account deposits held by commercial banks at the central bank may sink below 30 trillion yen Thursday if it does not provide extra funds.