sink back

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sink back into (something)

1. To lean or recline backward into some piece of furniture. She remembered that she hadn't taken the garbage out just as she was sinking back into bed. He anxiously sank back into his chair as the interviewer's questions became more personal.
2. To return to some previous cognitive state. I stared about the room nervously after being woken by the loud bang, but eventually sank back into sleep once it was clear that everything was OK. I can feel myself sinking back into depression again lately.
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sink back (into something)

to lean back and relax in something, such as a soft chair. I can't wait to get home and sink back into my easy chair. He sank back and went to sleep almost immediately.
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Some people seem to enjoy predicting that we're going to sink back into the pack; but I can see us being a force to be reckoned with again in 2010.
Continental plates emerge, then sink back into the Earth, but the presence of the superpiles and the location of subducted plates suggest that the two superpiles likely have remained fixed to the Earth's core while the rest of the mantle has churned around them for millions of years.
Racing administrators and professionals who rubbed their hands at the thought of a huge windfall can sink back into their seats and think again.
Then they just sink back into the mediocrity which has plagued so many of our matches.
Yes, but it will sink back into a quagmire of its own making.
The Fed's more optimistic statements regarding inflation at the meeting have produced the opposite effect on the fixed rate 10-year Treasury bond however, helping it sink back down after spiking in March, and could help perpetuate, at least for the time being, peak real estate values associated with low financing costs.
When the scientists let the tip sink back toward the gold surface, the protein would fold back up.
Incapable of self-transcendence, Sim and Edwin soon sink back into the ranks of the spiritually uncommitted unable to make use of the opportunity of entering the spiritual world by surrendering the self.
As my sister yielded more and more of her once beautiful self to this addiction, I tried to help her by intervention, forcing her to go into drug treatment, only to see her time and again sink back into her addiction.
MP Peter Luff (Con Mid Worcestershire) said the village should now be allowed to sink back into obscurity so residents could rebuild their lives.
The raisins rise to the top of the drink, then sink back down to the bottom of the glass, then rise again, over and over.
Players are unlikely to seek a new dollar topside in the near future because they saw it sink back after touching 121.
When the bubbles pop, the raisins will sink back to the bottom.
I am worried that my wife will sink back into her depression.