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Not only does this method allow for the production of large-scale heat sinks with very high fin ratios, it is also well-suited for serial production, making these types of heat sinks a competitive product in the marketplace.
e sink was at the window, the view a street of identical houses.
The ATS-474 heat sink features 26 various sized, spaced, and angled fins to maximize exposure to available air.
The sleekly finished 10 mm corners make these sink units extremely easy to clean.
The new Vault Line sinks minimalist design is easy on the eye and built to last, and thanks to the Silent Shield technology, will ensure conversation in kitchens across the region flow as seamlessly as the Vault Line's transition from sink to countertop.
Otherwise, there are two reasons to add weight directly to your fly: One, to make it sink at a steep angle (highly desirable in crab patterns), and two, to give it a jigging action on the retrieve, as you'd want from a Clouser Deep Minnow.
Squeeze the soda bottle until the pen cap sinks to the bottom of the bottle.
Using pairs of ultrasonic emitters and receivers in a mold, Lingk varied the machine parameters while molding a test part and analyzed the resulting sink depths with an optical laser.
Even six thousand pounds of ballast wasn't enough to sink it, so we had to try to de-gas it by poking holes in it, and eventually it sank.
Smith's crew will tow the body out to sea, weigh it down with scrap metal such as old railroad wheels, and sink it where the researchers can revisit it.
To make matters worse, there's an accident during the party where the kitchen sink totally collapses and he and the Skinheads become prime suspects.
Hebert wanted to dress up a small bathroom, and with limited space to work with, the sink seemed like a natural focal point.
Ditto fastballs that sink and curve balls that rise.
For example, how can one be sure that any given sink is actually permanent?