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they said and the artificial bird had to sing again, and that was the thirty-fourth time they had heard the same piece.
Bat they liked it all the better for this; they could even sing with it, and they did.
Only once a year was the artificial bird allowed to sing, and even that was almost too much for it.
There was no one to wind it up, and so it could not sing.
It was the little living Nightingale, who, sitting outside on a bough, had heard the need of her Emperor and had come to sing to him of comfort and hope.
But now sleep and get strong again; I will sing you a lullaby.
You shall sing whenever you like, and I will break the artificial bird into a thousand pieces.
And then those two young men got up, and asked us if we had ever heard Herr Slossenn Boschen (who had just arrived, and was then down in the supper-room) sing his great German comic song.
The young men said it was the funniest song that had ever been written, and that, if we liked, they would get Herr Slossenn Boschen, whom they knew very well, to sing it.
They said nobody could sing it like Herr Slossenn Boschen; he was so intensely serious all through it that you might fancy he was reciting a tragedy, and that, of course, made it all the funnier.
He appeared to be quite pleased to sing it, for he came up at once, and sat down to the piano without another word.
Whereupon he presently began to sing verses to the praise of God, which he had never heard, the purport whereof was thus:--
For he found that not only could he sing these verses, but he who had before been dumb and ashamed when the harp was put into his hand, could now make and sing more beautifully than could others.
For very long after they became Christian the Saxons kept their old pagan ways of thought, and Caedmon, when he came to sing of holy things, sang as a minstrel might.
I cared for someone once, and I used to sing him that song.