Misfortunes never come singly

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Misfortunes never come singly.

Prov. Bad things tend to happen in groups. I already told you that my wife lost her job. Well, misfortunes never come singly; our house was robbed last night.
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Similarly, women parliamentarians, singly, submitted 20 resolutions, 14 calling attention notices, 1,383 questions, 22 motions under rule 259 and raised 64 points of order during the reporting period.
The researchers found that CBT used singly or in combination with zolpidem produced significant improvements in the amount of time that it took to fall asleep, time awake after falling to sleep, and sleep efficiency during initial therapy.
To determine if intensity of parasitism affected costs of parasitism on hosts, we further categorized parasitized nests as either singly parasitized (one cowbird egg) or multiply parasitized (>1 cowbird egg).
These lovely glasses are available singly, priced pounds 6 each, or in sets.
Each location may be purchased singly, or in any combination, including all locations in a single package.
A spokesman for Shinawatra in London said: "This situation will not singly affect the takeover bid.
All randomised trials involving adults comparing beta carotene, vitamin A, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), vitamin E, and selenium either singly or combined versus placebo or versus no intervention were included in their analysis.
Seed should be sown in April in the greenhouse singly in 7cm pots containing multi-purpose compost.
Their work is tiring and dangerous when the Sinisteeds, the nightmare perpetrators, appear--at first singly and then in hordes.
Straw not only introduces these various health promoting practices and remedies, but also she offers careful warnings and cautions regarding their safest use singly or in combination with other measures showing her excellent efforts to give a panoramic view of the best available preventive methods and alternative health care treatments.
Emerging singly from their social clusters, they danced with zest and virility, then slipped smoothly back into the groups.
Adjusting for past smoking, body mass index, education level, frequency of eating meat, and calendar year (as PM levels declined over the study period), the researchers conducted statistical analyses to determine whether fatal CHD was associated with long-term exposure to the pollutants, either singly or in combinations of single gases and PM.
Two of the most effective treatments-acetic acid applied singly or sequentially with Nisaplin-in products formulated without antimicrobials inhibited growth for at least 12 days.
Salinger covers nearly all the colonies, singly or in groups, in each chapter to show that regional differences were slight.
Given that males come from unfertilized eggs, a worker of a singly mated queen would on average share more genes with a nephew--the son of one of her sisters--than with a brother.