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Certes, le pari visuel a ete bien reussi en donnant aux singes cette capacite de penser, d'agir, de parler et de les animer jusqu'au la revolte contre [beaucoup moins que]l'esclavage[beaucoup plus grand que].
The one-night show, The Vamps with Before You Exit, The Tide, William Singe and Jayda Avanzado, mounted by MMI Live, will be held at the SM Mall of Asia Arena on Jan.
According to our data the M-coefficient shows that the progressive is more frequent in BrE, followed by IndE, SingE and HIKE.
De nombreuses questions auxquelles les deux singes ont repondu lors d'une conference de presse secrete...
The machine is easy to install in the laboratory and can efficiently and evenly singe the cotton woven fabric.
Singe added that UNIFIL had dispatched a search team to the region where the citizen was kidnapped to learn more about the incident.
Les Japonnais [sic] sont des singes. C'est Darjou qui me l'a dit', in Mon coeur mis a nu (1862) (Paris: Pleiade, Gallimard, 1961), 1284.
* Georg Fischer, Automobilguss, GmbH, Singe, Germany;
The court pointed out that the relationship of a participating employer to the plan should be similar to that of an "insured to an insurer" and not that of an employer to a fund, in which the employer's liability for contributions is based on an experience rating of that also noted that if there is an experience rating arrangement, the plan will fail to qualify as a singe plan and will not satisfy the requirements of Sec.
The Puritan's foolish citizens, who are afraid the Devil will singe their curtains, are heartily laughed at.
Khartoum ,19 Mars (SUNA) -L'Agence Soudanaise de Presse (SUNA) et la societe "Bayan" d'investissement financier ont singe mercredi a Port-Soudan un accord pour renforcer la cooperation strategique...&p[url]=[images][0]=', 'Facebook', 'width=626,height=436,toolbar=0,status=0" target="blank">
On her deathbed, Kate Greene's only concern was for her two little boys, Reef and Finn, and her loving husband, Singe. She knew she'd be leaving them behind very soon.
Summary: The Lebanese star Haifa Wahbi announced lately that she'll be saying goodbye to singe life and will be married on 20 April to the Egyptian businessman Ahmad Abu Hashima
Red-faced from the singe as well as the embarrassment, I've decided to live with the squeaky dryer for now.
Jeudi dernier, le ministre des Sports s'est exprime dans ce sens apres les declarations d'Emmanuel Frimpong, le footballeur ghaneen d'Ufa, qui assure avoir ete victime de cris de singe lors de la premiere journee de championnat.