sing somebody's/something's praises

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sing (someone's or something's) praises

To speak very highly of something or someone; to enthusiastically endorse someone or something; to extol the virtues, benefits, or good qualities of someone or something. Our manager has been singing the new developers' praises. I hope they're up to the job! Jeff sang his phone's praises right up until it froze on him all of a sudden last night.
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sing somebody’s/something’s ˈpraises

(informal) praise somebody/something very much or with great enthusiasm; say that somebody/something is very good: Both her grandsons are doctors, and she never stops singing their praises.One day he’s singing your praises; the next day he’s telling you you’re stupid. OPPOSITE: find fault (with somebody/something)
See also: praise, sing
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The contradiction is that these same individuals sing praises of Ayub Khan, who had no hesitation in calling Madar-e-Millat Fatima Jinnah a US and Indian agent.
It's hard for us to sing praises in the face of desperate and barren situations.
110 years since, we sing praises to our monarchs for the unprecedented developments that came about.
The Christians' duty during Christmas "is to offer prayers and sing praises to God for all the gifts we have been given, but also to act on the teachings of Jesus to bring hope to the people and places left in darkness".
My role is not to sing praises for Jubilee and the crescendo can only go higher,' he said.
Let us sing praises to all our veterans, here and gone.
Speaking to ANI here, Senior Congress leader Anand Sharma said," Now, Nitish Kumar will only sing praises of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
It is important to note that he used to sing praises to the Aquino administration and has only started bashing the President when it became clear to him that P-Noy would not interfere with the investigations on his alleged involvement in various cases of graft and corruption, Sarmiento said.
Over time they forge a friendship that is deepened by the arrival of Yeshu's second cousin Yohanan, who wanders the wilderness, emerging from time to time to sing praises of the natural world and baptize seekers of the spirit.
In fact, her ex-beau couldn't help but sing praises for the starlet calling her an "elegant princess.
In Sweet Song, Romanos devotes himself to prayer and service, but he cannot sing praises to God like his colleagues do.
It is a natural development that will help to ensure that both boys and girls will be in the choirs, which sing praises for many years to come.
It is a natural development that will help to ensure that both boys and girls will be in choirs, which sing praises for many years to come.
Their writings used to sing praises of Mubarak and justify his decisions.
YOU'LL find the Bright Greenies first in line to sing praises about added no-fishing zones where all manner of traditional family enjoyments are eliminated, in the name of, believe it or not, fairness to "user groups.