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But now sleep and get strong again; I will sing you a lullaby.
You shall sing whenever you like, and I will break the artificial bird into a thousand pieces.
I will sit in the evening on the bough outside the window, and I will sing you something that will make you feel happy and grateful.
The white managers at Okeh Records, after finally agreeing to record his songs, opposed Bradford's choice of a Black singer; they urged him to have the popular white singer and imitator of African American styles, Sophie Tucker, sing his songs.
They sing gospel music, blues, latin music, and use different kinds of instruments.
Oh, she fucked my memory," Harvey sings on the demo for "Yuri-G"; I can't make out what she's saying on the Rid of Me version, but it isn't that.
She said: "We first heard about Sing Live from an old school friend.
I don't think I'll ever sing Messiaen's opera 'Saint Francis' again,'' she says by way of example.
The Right Way to Sing is a user-friendly manual that provides the less-experienced singer or teacher with many solid ideas and applications for healthy singing.
Your sentinels lift up their voices, together they sing, together they sing for joy; for in plain sight they see the return of the Lord to Zion.
It's that visual acuity--determined by eye size--governs when birds start to sing.
No matter how many times the folks in the pews hear such nuggets as "they who sing, pray twice," the average Sunday-morning noise from Catholic churches is pretty restrained.
Now John Morris, co-founder of Sing Live, the countrywide organisation that aims to get people singing, has turned his attentions to America.
We sing the reminder that we would rather sing our own song.
Primarily we sing other people's music, not the music of the gay and lesbian community.